Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Block two of the L&HFA SAL

Here's my block two. I know mom stitched a different block, the one with the three ornaments, if you know which one that might be.

This one took almost all week to finish. I didn't spend every evening all week stitching, but it took quite some time to stitch all the little swirls of the deer's horn. 

I love the little mouse, though, sleeping on the deer's back.

Or is this a reindeer? *shrug*

Next block up for me, is the stocking. 

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

A new SAL - First block done

After completing the final block of the Story of my Day, my mom and I decided to stitch the Christmas blocks from Love and Hugs from Australia. Neither of us could rememer which block was the first one, so we both stitched the first block in both our piles - coincidentally the same block!

Underneath the block is my current knitting experience. I'm not sure when it'll be done, there's no deadline - and no pattern! I've had an idea for a while now, and decided why not just try and see if it works out. 

I'll keep you posted on the progress. And who knows, perhaps it'll be a finished object once.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

It's the week before the crazy hits

Although the shops and city centres have already been hit by the crazy wave of decoration, we - or I - have not. Not yet, anyway. 

The closest thing to Christmas decoration that has hit our house so far, is me torturing the rest of the house by playing the 24/7 Christmas radio (they started broadcasting about a month ago - but why oh why is there no such thing as a Halloween radio?) - and this little lantern I test-painted before last weeks scouts meeting.

This used to be a jar of taco sauce (salsa), but is now transformed to a lantern with Christmas motifs (a braided heart on one side, and mistletoe on the other side). I tried using a regular candle inside, but the opening is rather small, so a battery operated light works almost better.

The boys (scouts, they're all boys this year) loved the idea - and I had the pleasure of having 5 boys paint their own lanterns last Wednesday. Next week the remaining 14 will have their turn. I hope there are no leaders missing (we're usually five adults) or sick, because 5-6 is about the most kids one can aid, assist and manage when it comes to this. 

Well, perhaps other leaders might handle more scouts, but I don't. Not yet, anyway.


Two more weeks and we'll have the yearly Christmas meeting with the scouts, starting their "vacation", giving us leaders the rest of December off to do other things. "Charge our batteries" as one might say here in Norway, 


The school's not out until December 22nd - with the kindergarten open until the 23rd, but A will start her Christmas vacation on the same day as P. 


Now, with regards to the crazy coming in about a week... next Sunday is the 1st Sunday of Advent, which is when we usually decorate with Advent stars and lights outside. For quite a few years now we've gone all Christmas and decorated the whole house. I asked P what he wanted us to do this year, and he's all up for going nuts. Decorating the whole house, tree and everything. I'm actually looking forward to decorating for Christmas. November is such a dark month, so every little shining light in December brings a kind of fuzzy warm feeling. (I'm ignoring the fact that January will seem even darker, after all the decorations have been taken down.. but at least the sun will turn in December, so every day will be a little bit longer and brighter.)


I've just ticked off a couple of items on my to do-list now, ordering calendars for 2021 and Christmas cards. They ought to arrive some time during the next 10 days. 


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

A kitty present? 🤔 @kathyschmitzstitches

The Story of my Day - block 25!

And we're done! 

The last block has been stitched - and there are no more blocks to work on. 

What's left now, is cutting the blocks down to size and deciding on borders - before sewing them all together.

I'm curious to see if there are any similar background fabrics that will be next to each other. These blocks were made in the order the patterns were drawn in the book - not the order of the finished blocks put together. And seeing as I've used a number of different background fabrics, I'm not completely certain that two blocks next to each other won't be in the same fabric. We'll see - but there's no crisis if this occurs.

Fish for tea - a cute block! I loved the little piece of lemon and the fish.

Here they are, all together.


We've already decided on our next project, my mom and I - the Christmas blocks from "Love & Hugs from Australia" (the patterns came from a group on Facebook). 12 small blocks with Christmas motifs. I've already decided to stitch mine in a variegated red (from dark red-almost black to bright Christmas red). 

I probably won't sew these 25 blocks together before Christmas, we'll see - there's no rush to finish them, although I'm looking forward to having the quilt all done. I think it'll be a nice memory of this year, how we managed to make something together - although being apart. And remembering how fast time seemed to go, even when we were all "just staying at home".

The Story of my day - block 24 of 25

We're almost there! One more week - one more block! 

Try a new hairstyle? Weeeeeeell, no thanks. I'm not completely fond of trying new things with my hair - although I have cut it short a couple of times during the last 10 years - but I guess I prefer it shoulderlenght, so that I can put it up in a ponytail. I absolutely hate having my hair down.. I can't explain it, it just really bothers me. So perhaps I ought to cut it short again... or not.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Story of my day - Block 23 of 25

We're nearly there!

Last week's block was block 23, leaving only two more blocks to finish. Even with one block a week, this feels like it's gone by so swiftly! I mean, 25 weeks is a long time, it's almost 6 months. And still, it doens't feel like it's taken that long. 

You know what? When I'm looking at the picture of this block, I realize that I've forgotten the line of crosses on the bottom of the block. *facepalm* Seriously?


That's better. The crosses are stitched - and the block is done. 😁


November is a grey month here in Norway. The sky is cloudy, covered with rain-filled clouds. There have been several days with heavy fog (we could hardly see to the end of the street coming home from kindergarden the other day). All the bright coloured leaves have turned to brown and have fallen off the trees, covering the once green grass in a layer of moist, muddy brown with speckles of dark red-orange. 

I know we had sun the other day, but I can't for the life of me remember which day that was. It could've been last Sunday.. however, the colour scheme for this week seems to be grey to pitch black, with grey being the colour of the day, and the world turning pitch black in the evening and nights. The light drizzle of moisty, foggy rain is more or less constant. 

I miss summer; the need for less clothes to go out side, not fetching children with drenced, cold, muddy clothes, feeling the warmth of the sun.. but I'm also looking forward to December; when the glow of Christmas is shimmering everywhere, the neighbours put up their decorations outside, lights everywhere - and perhaps even snow, if we're lucky. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Story of My Day - block 21 and 22

Oops, I didn't get around to blogging last week's block, and this week's block went by so quickly. That's why there are two blocks blogged this Tuesday.

Block 21 - Walk the dog.

Block 22 - Make a daisy chain.


Last week was a busy one.. I started the week by having Monday off work (which I regretted when I checked my work email Tuesdag morning..) but I needed it after spending the weekend camping with the scouts (ages 7,5-9). It was "only" from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon, but when you've got 16 boys all over the place, some of them who'd never slept over with strangers before, and very little sleep for us adults during the night... it's more or less needless to say that you run out of energy coming home. I was walking home from the scout house on Sunday afternoon, reaking of campfire smoke, and feeling so drained that I was both dissy and nausious. Not really my favorite state of being, you might say.. Ended up taking a hot shower, before eating some leftover dinner from the night before - and sleeping on the couch the rest of the evening. 

Monday morning I waited until the others had left for school, kindergarden and work, before I went up to my sewing nook. I had plans, and I had every intent to stick to those plans. So, before lunch (yup, it took that long...) I got the flimsy from the fussycuttingsewalong/focuscuttingsewalong 2019 ready for quilting (batting and backing fastened), and after lunch I tackled another quite big project - the block of the month Dancing chickens and flying pigs from Anni Downs / Hatched and patched. I decided to finish it in a classic style rather than folding the backing over and making an invisible edge (I think that was according to the pattern), so I'll be making and attaching the binding when it's quilted.

I've shipped both quilts to my mom for quilting - making a trade, since I've been spinning yarn for her lately. 

It feels really good to know that these two large projects are almost done now.. And I know I have a couple more projects waiting to be finished - which are lacking some or little work to get done too. But which one should I prioritise first? The eldest? The one lacking the most work? The most recent one? How do you decided which one to finish first?

Edited to add : 

I've updated this blog to add another page - Works in progress - listing all/most of my current slumbering projects. There were more than I thought.. but I really enjoyed revisiting them while making the list. My fingers are itching to get them done. Most of them, anyways. There's one or two that might just have to go. I don't see myself finishing them. And I don't feel bad about it at all. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Story of My Day - Block 20

Just stopping by - quickly - to post block 20 of The Story of My Day. 5 more blocks/weeks to go. *iik!*

Yes, the picture is horrid.. suitable for the month of Halloween. *giggle*

Friday, October 09, 2020

Story of my Day - Block 19

6 blocks left!

This one was so quick to stitch - it was like the needle worked like a hot knife in butter. (Ew.. sticky.. but you get what I mean?)

I've started to prepare some additional stitchery projects to work in in between these last 6 blocks - and after all of these 25 are completed. The lights in our living room are not the most optimal to work on these little ones in the afternoons, but some evenings are better than others. 

In more knitting related news, I'm almost done with my A top has no name  designed by Laila at Værbitt. I'm on sleeve island, as one might call it, but seeing as this is a top (more a tshirt) the sleeves are extremely short (only 3 + 3 cm, roughly). Which is also the reason why I'm winning my game of yarn chicken (in more understandable words : I thought I was running out of yarn, but decided to knit on instead of ordering more yarn - just in case - and it does look like I'll have more than enough to finish this top, even after changing the lenght of the body from a more cropped style to somewhere below the waste/over the bum).  

My next knitting project has been planned, more or less, as I'm going rogue and without a pattern for this one. I've bought the yarn, but not wind it up. I'm trying to stich to and finish one project (of this size) at a time, insted of burying me in the fluffness of wooly fibers.. perhaps this should be transferred to sewing projects too. Or perhaps not, seeing as I can already bury myself pretty deep in the piles (and piles) of works in progress (sounds kinder or more optimistic than calling them unfinished projetcs).

I'm currently spinning some fibre my mom has dyed. It's much different than my last spinning project, which was a mix of merino and silk - this is pure wool. It's looking good - and I'm curious to see how it'll knit up in the end. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

This is my house block for week 41 of the #focuscuttingsewalong hosted by @naomialicec 💚 World Mental Health Day, and this little gem of a fabric seemed to be just the right choice. 💚 Take care of you, take care of those around you - and remember, speaking up or reaching out is not a sign of weakness, but strength.

Story of my Day - Block 18

I feel like the weeks are flying by rather surpricingly quickly these times. Not quite sure how I've completed 18 blocks - meaning it's been 18 weeks since my mom and I started this little sewalong.

I'm planning and thinking about the advent calendar for my mom these days - inbetween planning for scouts activities and wondering what will happen to Halloween. Halloween is a big thing for our kids - and our neighborhood is completely flooded with kids and teenagers on Halloween night, going from door to door. But this year will most likely see a different celebration.. There's a meeting at P's school tomorrow, and Halloween is actually one of the topics up for discussion. With all this COVID around us, colouring several cities in Norway red (Oslo is one of them) and us still working from home, avoiding travelling to the office or using public transportation, it would seem a little strange if going from door to door asking for candy would be an apropriate thing to do. 

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Story of my Day - Block 16

Well, not exactly block 16, but here's the missing block - making my total come to 17 of 25 finished blocks.

Not the best picture, but the eggs and soldiers are ready for serving. 

I'm still loving the process of stitching these little blocks, and I'm starting to look forward to sewing them together and finishing this project.

Story of my Day - Block 17

Not quite sure what happened to the publishing of these blocks, as we're now jumping ahead in the numbering - although the blocks are published as they're completed, but who cares. :-P

This is block number 17. Feed the animals. A sweet little block. :-)

Quite remarkable how fast these weeks fly by. Already on block 18, and thus on week 18 of this little sewalong.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Story of my Day - Block 15

10 blocks left, and last week we were off shopping for shoes.

I have a drawer filled with wips and wisps, but seem to pick up smaller projects or start new ones instead of completing the ones waiting for attention. My plan for the next half year was to get some of the larger projects completed, in time for the new Tula Pink Nebula BOM. There's still time, I guess, I just need to make different priorities and choices.. 🤣🤣🤣

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Story of my Day - Block 14!

Now this was a multicoloured block, compared to some of the recent blocks stitched. All of the sudden there are lots and lots of colours and details! I'm so not complaining, Easy blocks and more challenging blocks are both welcome. 

Housework, it's not my favorite part of my day - but I guess a little goes a long way. Like today, I'm doing laundry (which works out pretty well when working from home). I've even planned doing more laundry tomorrow - spreading the usual clothes washing and the changing of the bed linens over a couple of days. I love the feeling of going to sleep in clean linens - knowing there's no alarm interrupting my sleep the next morning. 

In other crafty news my mind is completely busy planning and fixing my mom's advent calendar. I know, it's still early, but! Time goes by so quickly it feels like it's going to be December tomorrow... o.O

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

The Story of my Day - block 13

And here we are! Block 13! 12 more blocks to go. 🎉😁😊

This one was quite simple, compared to block 14 - which is the next one up. I'll try to be good, and not start working on it until after the weekend...

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Story of my Day - block 12!

Well, this is block 12 of 25! The next block will tip us over the halfway point - and I cannot belive we're here already!

Still loving the stitching process, and the designs. I'm even contemplating starting another stitchery project once this is completed. Any suggestions to which project might be suitable?

Friday, August 21, 2020

Dagens etter-jobb underholdning 😄 Helt glimrende @intetnyttfrahjemmefronten

The Story of my Day - Block 11

Week 11 - block 11. 

It's still entertaining and fun to stitch again, and as these are rather small blocks - with only one a week - this whole project is just nice. In a lack of better words.

I'm knitting a scarf/shawl, taking a break from knitting dish cloths, waiting for two new books (knitting) and some craft supplies. I've joined a quarterly spinning fibre club, and am wondering about (finally) starting a project using my (vintage.. hahaha) Halloween fabric. 

I have about a ton of things to sew on the sewing machine - but all I want to do is sew by hand.. Well, soon I'll be able to wrap up the home office for the weekend, perhaps the sewing machine will get some attention this weekend...?

We'll see. 

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Fullstendig hekta! Jenkins håndtein fra @spinnvilt og ull i lamull og silke fra @oslomikrospinneri og @rentoppspinn og @varbitt 💚 #jenkinsturkishspindle

Translated to English : 

I'm completely hooked! A Jenkins turkish spindle bought at Spinnvilt (a shop dedicated to fibres and spinning), with fibre in lambswool and silk from Oslo Microspinneri, by Rent Oppspinn - and bought at Værbitt. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Story of my Day - block 10

We're getting close to the halfway point when it comes to these blocks. 10 blocks finished - 15 to go. 

August is halfway done, schools are back on again after the summer vacation, and I'm still working from home. Oh well... recently discovered perks of working from home, is the opertunity to take a shower during the lunch break after a rather moist walk to the kindergarden this morning. It's hot and humid here these days.. 😓

Monday, August 10, 2020

The Story of my Day - block 9

Last week's block was quite a quickie. We cam home from Trysil Sunday afternoon, and after putting our luggage away and starting the laundry (it basically does all it's own work after starting the machine, haha), I picked up the block - not quite in the mood to start something else, or knit. And before I knew it, the block was finished!

I know, I need to trim off some loose threads, but I have to trim down all the blocks before joining them anyway. That's because I cut the fabric about 1/2" bigger than the pattern called for before stitching. 

This week it's time for the 10th block - and we're nearly halfway through stitching all these sweet blocks. Time surely flies!


In other news, I've been sewing a little this weekend. Both on Saturday and Sunday. I had decided not to start making masks in these COVID-times, not until my government says so. But... of course there's a but.. Later this week there is a press conference, and the main topic they will talk about, is recommendations regarding the use of masks (both industrial made and most likely also homemade). 

Hubby's been going to his office now and then, and will talk about how crowded the buses are, going to and from the office - and people are just not respecting this virus anymore.. 

Later this week I have an appointment with my dentist - and I do believe I will be using a mask taking the bus to and from. Of course, this appointment is the day before the government will be giving their recommendations, however, if it will make me feel a little bit safer going to and from the dentist, then I shall wear a mask. 

I've drawn off another pattern of masks to test out, to see if they sit right around my nose and chin. I might try to sew a couple more masks up during this week - after work. Yup, still working from home. The sewing machine is literally 4 inches away from my computor. But, work first - then "play". 


Hope you're safe and sane. Crafting seem to help for me, and taking walks. Keeps my mind from digging itself too deep down.

Monday, August 03, 2020

Story of my day - SAL block 7 and 8

Two more blocks completed for the Story of my day SAL/quilt. I'm really loving the process of stitching these.. following (sort of) Anni's colours for the DMC (I've used the ones that I have, so where my stash matches her description there you go - and for those colours where my stash is missing that particular colour, I'm using another one that I think will work out OK). 

The "Find matching socks" was stitched in it's entirety while I was in Trysil with my mom and my kids. 

This block was started at home and finished at my mom's house. 

I think I'm going to finish this in the same way my mom is planning to do hers - by using some of the (many...) mini charm packs that I have (after subscribing to a montly delivery of mini charm packs) so that the result will be in the wimsical, scrappy way. I think that will work out pretty well with this pattern. (And I need to use more of my mini charm packs...) I'm a little unsure of which ones to use, seeing as I've used an offwhite-beige-like colour in the backgrounds for all of my stitcheries, and I don't think that using very white fabric will go too well (I have another project where this just ruined everything.. and I'm thinking about just throwing that project - the dotted death, as I've named it - in the trash). 

Friday, July 10, 2020

The library scene.. ❤️ #beautyandthebeast

Finished, finished, finished!

Well, like I said in my previous post, I went through my UFO-drawer this week, seeing if I could find something that needed completion. Well, let's just say that I found a few..

Some were basically skeletons (loose blocks with a plan) while others, like these three, were imbarrassingly enough only lacking the binding. Which they've been waiting for for about 2-3 years..

The snowball-blocks were enough to make three tablerunners, the last one is still not quilted. But, these two are now finished!

This is quite small, like a large mugrug, but I had two blocks leftover and wanted to "use everything" back when I made these.

A square one, not quite sure if I have a table where it will fit - but I like the colours (and the technique)!

I made two or three tablerunners with this butterfly design. I'm not quite sure where the other one's are at the moment. They might be in the cupboard with the other tablerunners - and the might be in my sewing nook with other projects that have been completed - but who's fate has not yet been decided (keep and use - or give away).

Fabric and pattern for these are all from Fat Quarter Shop and their SewSampler subscription boxes. I've subscribed to these since September 2017. I really like receiving these - in many cases the projects and the fabric are totally my kind of thing, but I'm also challenged with new-to-me techniques and colours I might not have selected had I been shopping for fabric. Which is kinda cool!

My apologies for the horrible pictures.. At least you'll get to see my quilting! I'm still working on improving my machine quilting, and I've come to realize that my general sewing needs some work too. Zippers tend to look quite wonky when I use them in my projects.. which annoys me - but I know that I need to practice! Atleast I won't run out of fabric in a while, even during the COVID-19.

The Story of My Day - Block 6

Already week six!

This week I've been "home alone". Nothing dramatically, but the kids have begun their vacation, and went to their grandparents with Hubby. While I stayed home, working another week. Still working from home.. but I went to the office on Tuesday, and met a colleague. Still very strange to go back - taking the bus and all - and it seems that quite a few people are starting to ignore the restrictions that's been in place since March 12th. Which is not good..

Anyways, block 6 was completed quite early in the week. I'm home alone, so I've had quite some time to spend sewing, stitching and knitting.

I love the bird and the colours in this block. :)

I've gone through my drawer of UFO's this week, to see if there were any candidates for completion - and, yes, I found a couple of smaller ones. I have some which are quite large, but I don't really "feel" like working on them right now - if you can relate to my feelings.. I dunno, perhaps it's just me. Sometimes I feel like I have to finish something right this instance! While other times I'm just not motivated to complete them, after working on a project over a large amount of time. I will finish them, but perhaps not this summer. We'll see.