Monday, August 21, 2017

The Festival of Quilts 2017

I thought I would show some of the quilts I saw at the Festival of Quilts last weekend. Mind that this is only a fraction of the 700+ quilts there, but these are some that caught my eye. 

Liverpool Street, Salford
Leah Higgins
Art Quilts

Whole World
Kate Crossley
Art Quilts

Taxus Bank
Paola Zanda
Modern Quilts

Tram Route No 10
Sue De Danny
Pictorial Quilts

Montse Forcadell Blasco
Pictorial Quilts

Two Cities/Same World
(blurry picture of the creators..)
Two Person Quilts

Edith Leidi and Maria Rosella
Two Person Quilts

Sultans Palace
Hendrik Johannes van Kooten
Traditional Quilts

Natural Selection
Catherine Rye
Miniature Quilts

Verity Seago
Traditional Quilts

Glittering Jellyfish
Yvonne McKee
Traditional Quilts

Dancing with the Stars
Susan Gray
Traditional Quilts

Diamonds Last Forever
Linda Forey
Traditional Quilts

My Butterfly Garden
Dawn Monk
Traditional Quilts

Astrid Lindgren - free spirit
NMS Kematen
School (Secondary 12-16)
This truly is my favourite quilt. Up close, as you walked past, it was merely squares in gray, black and white.. But if you stepped back and looked - or took a picture - Astrid Lindgren's familiar face appeared. Genius and very well made, the idea was brilliant!

The Freedom of Peter Pan
GillyMAc Designs Friday Club
School (Secondary, 12-16)

The Rainbow
Mugdha Dongare
Traditional Quilts

Like Home / No Place
Jane Turner

No Place Like Home
Jo Gray

Claudia Pfeil
Contemporary Quilts

Up-cycled Moths
Kate White
Contemporary Quilts

Katherine Jones

Die Beem (Trees)
Lindsey Neill

Kim Soper

I hope to go back again - maybe in a couple of years. It was a wonderful weekend, the festival was overwhelming and fun and I feel I've learned lots, about myself and my quilting - and about how others work, think and dream (I guess you could call the process up to the start of a new project dreaming, can't you?). It truly was an experience worth making!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In battle mode..

Chose your battles, they say.. Well, this is mine for today. I wonder what I might find. 🤔


In the movie "Dead Poets' Society" Robin Williams' character states that the word "very" is a lazy word. 

Right now, I think I'm entitled to use this word. Not because I'm lazy, but because I'm tired. 

I'm very tired.. And although the word "exhausted" would have been a more appropriate word to use, my brain is running a little low on creative writing energy, thus making the word "very" quite good enough. 

I'm off to bed now. It's now almost 12 1/2 hours since the bus left Birmingham airport, over 14 hours since the taxi left the hotel. My alarm will ring at 06:30, so that I can take A to kindergarten. It's now 01:36, and my head is buzzing.. making it feel like a swarm of bees moved in some time during the day. 

Pictures from Birmingham and The Festival of Quilts will come - but not riiiiiiight now. 


Friday, August 11, 2017

Flying like a bird

In a matter of hours I have gone from this :

To this :

And an now enjoying this :

Next stop : Birmingham!

Sunday, August 06, 2017


Tonight's discussion with tegards to entertainment :

Hubby : So, what do you wanna do?

Me : Well, we could watch an episode or two before bedtime. 

H : Ok, but is there something you'd really like to do?

M : Hm, I'd really like to go upstairs and play with my sewing machine...

H : You could do that - I could play PS4.. atleast we'd be in the same part of the house!

And so we did. 

Friday, August 04, 2017

The completed "tailfeathers" shawl

I posted a picture of a knitted project a few posts back, made in multicoloured and black (dark grey) yarn. Well, it was finished not long after that post was published. It's a bit long (which is how I like my shawls, and the colours work well with most of my warderobe (which is *surprice* quite stuck in the shades of black). I've used it almost daily, when the temperatures suggest a shawl or a scarf might be fitting, and have received quite a few compliments about it (even from my male colleagues).

The pattern is called Leftie and is designed by the German designer Martina Behm (or Strichmich!, which is her Ravelry username). The name tailfeathers got stuck after Hubby compared the contrast parts to be similar to a peacock's tailfeathers. Fitting, really, when the yarn is called electric peacock, don't you think?

Due to it's size, it's a little bit difficult to get a good picture of the whole shawl (I'll try again soon), but the picture above shows quite well how the colours are. The multicoloured yarn is called Electric Unicorn and comes from the dyer Truly Hooked, while the black yarn comes from another dyer from Great Britain, which I can't remember right now. Both colours were bought at The Knitting and Stitching Show in London last October. (I believe mom and I have plans to return to London next fall..)

The shawl in action! 


Next week it is time for The Festival of Quilts.  I've never attended before - nor been to Birmingham before - so there's a few firsts for me there. I've entered a quilt in the category Contemporary, and - although I have no hopes or dreams of winning anything - I'm eager to see my quilt in place, with the others. I think there are about 700 who have entered a quilt (or more) and the little glimses I've seen online, from last year, there is quite a variety of quilts shown. 

I'm counting down - one week to go until I'm off. My passport and tickets are ready and printed - but my suitcase will have to wait for another couple of days. 

I know Lynette Anderson is going to be there, but that's about all I know. Perhaps someone out there, in the world wide web, knows of anyone else, have any tips - or might be going there themselves? I like coffee (though, more milk with a hint of coffee) and tea, perhaps you'd like to join me for a cup?