Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ever had that feeling..

Like someone's watching you..?

I had that feeling today.. in the bathroom, of all places. So I looked around (expecting to find a spider.. as usual)..

And found..






Well, hello there, Rex..

Monday, August 19, 2013

Feels like the first day of school..

Early this summer I did something that I might've thought about before, but didn't quite plan to do for another year or two.. I resigned from my job. I quit. I sent in my notice - and for the past three months I've, well, I guess I've kind of been living (working..) in denial, not quite daring to think or believe what I have done.

But the truth is that after almost seven years I'm feeling like testing new grass might just be a good thing. Seven years.. well, almost seven. I started as a hired-in consultant back in 2006, November 6th, to be precise. And signed the contract for permanent employment on July 1st 2007. I still think of November 2006 as the time I started working in this company, so I'm sticking to that date (I actually wrote stitched there.. would you believe it?). 

Anyway, this is my last week in this company. Four more mornings. Four more buses to catch at 06:24 (or earlier) in the morning. Four more afternoons stressing to get back before the kindergarden closes (or before Mini's the last kid left.. I hate it when that happens..). 

Next week we're off for a little retreat. A little time together, the three of us. But I'll tell you more about that later.

Retro apples? I'm sold!

September 2nd is my first day in the new job. A consultant, again, but with waaaay shorter travel (I think I can walk to the new office in about half the time it takes to take the bus to the current one). It'll be good, I think. I hope. I know a couple of girls there, former co-workers of mine, and we'll all do good.

The first day of school-feeling continues to build. Just look at the new lunch box (green apple), fruit box (red apple) and kitchen accessories (potholders and towel) I found in a shop downtown a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't resist if I tried (not that I tried that hard, haha..).

Here's to four more days with some of the most wonderful engineers (and friends) in the world!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

A storm was coming..

Well, if you asked someone from the west coast of Norway, they'd probably say that it was just a little rain coming, but for someone grown up on the east side of Norway, yesterday really was a storm.

We were out walking - hubby, Mini and I - going downtown to check for a few items in some shops (edited to change "storms" to "shops", who goes downtown to check out items in a storm anyway..), and we'd been waiting for the morning's thunder and rain to pass before going outside. Well, lets just sat that as we went further on our way, the clouds came rolling in and the light (more or less, I know, sounding dramatically, but that's the way it was.. really..) disappeared into a dusky darkness, making all the traffic lights and lit up signs to glow (it was as if it was early afternoon in November, not late morning August).

We stopped just before the fairytale bridge (Eventyrbrua) so that I could take some pictures.

The Crack in the Sky? (Doctor Who?)

Loopy picture, but same "crack".

Fascinating layers of clouds.

More layers. See the tiny traces of blue sky?

Rolling in.. 

Continuing to roll in..

Absolutely fascinating.. 

I think we spent about 15mins watching the clouds roll in..

Light fading.. 

Darkness coming.. 

Aaaand then came the rain. 

I do mean RAIN!

We spent about 15-20 minutes on the steps/stairs of a pub in Markveien (who'd put too much light and crap up under their screen to wheel it in). You can see the people on the other side of the street, huddling together in a drive-in. At least we kept ourselves reasonably dry - umbrellas have no function in this kind of rain - and after about 15-20 minutes the rain was down to a drizzle, and we could continue our walk.

Mother Nature.. gotta love her. :)