Thursday, January 18, 2024

Last finished projects from 2023

In the weeks before Christmas I managed to start - and finish - a few projects, both knitting and sewing.

I got a mitten start-itis, and decided to prepare the patterns and yarn that I had ready for planned projects, and to just get them knitted. A couple of these patterns I've had (with the yarn) ready for a couple of years - so it was about time to finally get them knitted. 

First off were the mittens Hekkingen fyr, knitted in 100% wool, in black and offwhite. Nice pattern - and the first time I've knitted these kind of mittens with magic loop (using one long cable needle instead of five doublepointed needles). 

Next pair up were Vårspire (the same designer as Hekkingen fyr), knitted in mustard and black wool (superwash). The flowers remind me of sunflowers, so I had to knit them i mustard yellow. (I have the same yarn in green too, and I somewhat regret not using that instead of black, but knitted is knitted.)

Oneday Selbumittens were the next pair up. These were quick and fun to knit! (And resulted in me buying another pair of cabled needles - in size 6mm.) One of my coworkers surpriced me with a Christmas present - and I decided to knit one present this Christmas; these mittens. I decided to knit them in blue and white - which are colours she often uses.

And then I knitted a pair of Oneday Selbumittens for myself too. The blue'ish yarn is handdyed by the dyer Værbitt, a lovely blueish-purpleish colour. I used the same white yarn with this pair too (might as well try to use up some yarn instead of collection scraps and leftovers).

And then I went into a pillow frenzy: first up is this pillow designed by Jen Kingwell (the pattern is called More Glitter). My grandmother bought the kit for this, but was unhappy with the result. She gave the scraps to my mom and I - and I made this one before handing the templates and the scraps over to my mom (can you call it scraps when there's enough fabric to make at least four pillow fronts?).

I bought a kit on Facebook sometime last year (2022, or the year before that) for a pillow with the old TV test signal screen (Prøvebilde) as I'd seen it a few times here and there, and really like it. The pattern and kit were for both sizes, and there were still scraps left. (Hubby commented on these, saying they were cool - it's not very often he notices new projects around the house.)

And then it's my Christmas Pudding ornament from the 2023 Advent calendar from Step by Step

I've had a wonderful skein of grey yarn (like, forever) in my stash, and decided to actually use it for something. So I knitted two hats. The first ones called Vennelua, which was adopted by hubby rather quickly.

The second one is called Puddersnø, and is currently in my drawer. Very soft and nice yarn - pure merino, if I remember correctly. 

And these were my last finished projects in 2023. 

So far, in 2024, things are going slowly. Not much finished stuff to show - but quite a few works in progress are taking babysteps towards completion. I ended up unpicking most of the quilt top from the 2021 #focuscutttingsewalong and put the blocks together again differently, trying to find a better way to finish it. It is currently awaiting the decision of completion (more epp added or appliqué onto a background), but there's no rush.