Wednesday, August 17, 2022

My turn..

Well, after staying clear for 2,5 years, I’m out. 

Friday, August 05, 2022

A little update..

Well, this summer has gone by so swiftly I hardly feel like I've have any vacation at all!

I've been working on my Nebula-quilt in basically every spare minute I've had. Starting with cutting all the pieces for the borders on a Sunday, when hubby and the kids went to the inlaw's for a week of vacation (I was working that week while they were away, trying to stretch the vacation days as long as possible). I lost count of how many pieces I cut, but I do recall my knife starting to feel dull when I was almost finished (which reminds me that I should really change the blade..). The cutting took maybe 3-4 hours, while watching Supernatural in the background, taking some breaks (lunch/dinner/icecream). Later that evening I started to sew the pieces together again. 

Having to go to work Monday and Tuesday, I didn't have a chance to start sewing until I came back from work. I don't think I'm exaggerating if I say that I sewed 4-5 hours each evening. 

So, Monday night I went to bed with these piles of blocks. Not showing in the picture, is the pile of pieces which are to be sewn on these blocks in the next steps..

Tuesday night I went to bed with the pile of blocks looking like this: 

Getting there, slowly, slowly. Sewing in the third floor attic during the summer and with the iron on right beside you is HOT! 

I managed to get a couple of hours of work in when we returned from Trysil - while the kids were busy playing with their friends. And now we're here - the main pieces for the star is on the right, with the borders on the left. According to the pattern, the quilt is to be assembled into six parts - then joined in 3 + 3, before these two pieces are sewn together. I have no idea when I'll be able to work on this again, seeing as it's been in limbo for more or less a year until I managed to work on it again. But I hope to have the top finished some time this fall. 

While visiting my mom, the barbie dolls my sister and I played with when we were young was brought out of the closet. And look! This is one of the tiny sweaters I knitted for one of my dolls when I was younger! It's like a wooly thimble! 

My mom and I have been to a couple of concerts this summer - starting with Elton John in May. These tickets were bought in 2019 - who would've thought the concert would be postponed for over two years? 

To be able to see Elton John live, in his farewell tour was really cool! He's been around for as long as I remember, growing up hearing his songs on the radio and his music videos on TV. I wish he had played Can you feel the love tonight (from The Lion King), but he didn't. However, the songs he did play were great. Seeing how the audience react to him, dancing, singing, etc was great. 

In July, my mom and I went to another concert. This one was CROWDED. Approximetly 23 000 gathered to see, listen to, sing and interact with Queen and Adam Lambert. And in every age imaginable - from people my mom's age, to barely older than teenagers, to small children - with their families. I think the youngest one we could see, was a little girl, no older than 4-5, sitting on her father's shoulders. 

It was a hot day outside, making it even hotter inside. Adam Lambert even asked the audience if it was hot in here, or if it was just him after ONE song. (It was hot..)

We had the opertunity to see them three years ago, but this time was so much better. As my mom said, Adam Lambert sang better, made the songs more his own and showed even more confidence this time than the last time they were here. 

The crowd was singing, dancing, waving their phones, and simply enjoing themselves to the max. There were times during the concert where they just stopped singing, because the audience basically sang louder than them. Truly a goosebumps-concert! 

I hope they return. And if they do, when they do, we're going to see them again. There's no doubt about that.