Saturday, September 29, 2018

The last strawberries from our garden 🍓🍓 (and guess who wants them both🤣)

Glittering frost

Summer is definitely over, and Fall has arrived. It came jumping out from the shadows not many days ago, and suddenly the temperatures have dropped. From strolling leisurely to the bus in the morning in something between 15 and 17 degrees celsius, it is now more of a sprint in chilling temperatures of 1,5-2 degrees celsius. Hats and scarves and warmer jackets are out. The craziness of finding new shoes for the kids has begun (we love our cherrox), wondering if last years coats and pants still fit (I know A's does, but P need all new ones). And for the crafting? Well.... I want to knit something nice, soft and warm for me.. But I also have some absolutely fantastic silk wool in bright pink that's just screaming A's name (she hasn't seen it yet). Maybe there's enough yarn for a jacket? (I've got two skeins - and sweaters are a waste knitting for her, she wants buttons.)

No, no, don't worry, these pictures are not from any of the last mornings. I took these while waiting for the bus to work one chilly morning before spring sprung *haha* It's not quite that cold (yet..)!

It's quite fascinating to see the patterns made by the frost. 

I had to try a couple of filters on my phone camera (I've got an iPhone). Changing the colours and filter only slightly gives quite a different impression.

I think this is my favourite filter - the one called Film noir. I've used this one several times - both taking pictures of details and of artists during concerts. I like the feeling it gives, sometimes a whole different focus of details and such. 

The heaters are on all around the house (no, wait, not on the third floor - yet) and dinner tonight will be a cooked one (I'm thinking homemade pizza). I know I'm not going outside much more today (I've rescued the rest of the tomatoes) so perhaps I'll have a look on Ravelry to see if I can find a nice pattern for a jacket for A?

#halloweenminiswap2018complete And one in colours ☺️🍁🍂🧡👻🎃