Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh dear..

I wasn't quite aware of the time that had passed since my last post.. :( What have I been up to? Well, mostly knitting actually. More hats - some I have pictures of, some I need to take pictures of - and getting back to work again. New projects - new people - new procedures and routines. I tried to make a "devil's hat" for Peder, using a single ball of yarn that I had in a very lovely chocolate brown, but I think it's a little too small for him.. It's too thin to be used now anyway, so I might just put this one in the give-away basket. A new picture of Martin's Space Invader-hat. I ended up skipping a couple of the pattern rounds, as Martin didn't want it to be quite as big as the original, but the result looks very good! (I've made a matching one for Peder too, but I need to get a picture of it in daylight - and, preferably, on his head.) Martin's also modelling one of the first SI-hats I made. A very easy and fun pattern to knit. And, finally, the PacMan-hat. I drew the pattern, with some inspiration from other patterns - but feeling that they weren't quite what I was looking for. This was actually made on request/as a challenge by André - but it was fun to make (and I'd like to make more in the future). ^-^ This weekend - if everything goes halfway as planned - I think there might be some sewingtime on the schedule.