Thursday, March 21, 2024

March update

Believe it or not, but there has been time for crafting this past month! And now I have a decent stack of quilttops ready for quilting. Last week I picked up the 4 meters of batting I ordered online (400 centimeters/160 inches) - and last night I prepped and cut the batting, making some of the quilttops ready for quilting. I honestly thought that 4 meters of batting would last a little longer than it did, but I could just prep four quilttops - and if I join two pieces together I think I might be able to prep another one. Then I need to see if I have any backing that's big enough..

One of my finished projects is this tote bag. It was a quilt-as-you-go kit from one of the Sew Sampler boxes from Fat Quarter Shop. Instead of using the fabric that was in the box (that was used for something else) I ventured into my box of leftovers from other projects. Most of the fabric came from two different lines of fabric with the theme of sea and sea creatures - and I added a couple of other pieces of favorite fabric. The furry "thing" is not part of the tote bag, nor a decoration.. 

It's the cat. Which really enjoys to crawl into or inside everything I try to make. Which is sort of cute - and a little annoying. When she thinks I've worked enought (or too much) or spent too much time crafting, she'll either sit on top of things (my laptop, the sewing machine, the fabric I'm using/cutting, and so on). Most of these things are OK, but there was a big fat "no-no" to be playing in the quilt tops when I was trying to get the batting ready. Grumpily she observed me from her cat tower..

P was on a cabin trip with a friend a couple of weeks ago - and I think Marshmallow missed him, because as soon as he came home and opened his bag to unpack it... well, you can see for yourself. 

Underneath my ironing board I've placed this furry cat cave/pillow, hoping that she'd stay here instead of in the middle of my projects or work stuff.. She does crawl in and enjoy the comfy furry-ness, but her favorite is still to sit on my lap (while I try to work) during meetings. 

A turned 9 on March 1st - and last Sunday we finally celebrated her with the girls in her class. This concludes three weekends of celebration - and I am DONE with baking cakes and preparing stuff. Atleast until April 10th, when it's P's birthday.

Last night there was a little Goldielocks-situation when A was going to bed. As the littlest bear found Goldilocks sleeping in his bed, Marshmallow was comfortably sleeping in A's bed/covers. 

F is for.. Frodo! This is my block for week 11 of the #focuscuttingsewalong hosted by @naomialicec 🌋

Tuesday, March 19, 2024