Monday, January 24, 2011

What a knitty week.

Last Monday Peder and I went to Trysil to stay with my mother for a few days. Well, long story short, we're still here. Peder has been ill for the past couple of days - fever, runny nose, coughing, and a tooth or two coming. So while he's been sleeping (which haven't been too much these days..) I've been knitting.

The monkey will have to do as today's model, but he's proudly showing three Space Invader-hats and a Christmas decoration (from the book I mentioned in the last post). The pattern for the hat is also a Arne & Carlos creation, and they're very much addictive!

These four items were knitted in just six days - which I guess is kind of a record for me (usually when I test new patterns it takes a little longer, but these guys have very easy-to-read patterns, and thick yarn + big needles = speedy knitting). :)

Here's to hoping the boys will like their new hats. ;)

Friday, January 07, 2011

Hooked on knitting?

Well, atleast for the moment.. BF's aunt and grandmother gave me a gift certificate from one of the big malls for Christmas, and Peder and I took a trip down the day before yesterday to take a look. Well, we ended up going back yesterday and spend most of it on a pile of knitting books. One of them was this one - by Arne and Carlos - with 55 different designs for Christmas ornaments.

The reason why I didn't buy it on Tuesday, was that I had to go home first and see if I managed to knit using 5 needles (I usually just use two, and knit back and forth, or use one with a wire on). Well, let's just say that after Peder went to bed on Tuesday, I found some yarn and some nice bamboo needles, and it worked like a charm (I've only tried this like one or two times before.. with not-so-very-pretty results..).

Last night I begun knitting, following the basic pattern (aka no additional design, using only one colour) and by the end of the night (2 episodes of CSI: Las Vegas and one episode of Bones - yup, we do love our sci-fi crime in this house) it was finished. (Well, not much to look at now, I haven't filled it yet, so it's basically a flat, round thing made of yarn..)

It was so much fun making the first one, that I found some leftover red yarn (from one of Emma's strawberry hats, I think) and started on another one. I'm going downtown tomorrow (going to get an eye exam and getting my hair cut) so I might stop by the yarn shop to see if I can find the type of yarn they've used in the book (to test it) and I should probably see if I can find something to stuff them with. And then, when they're stuffed (or, the one I've knitted so far, anyway) I'm going to post a picture. I promise.

Thank you for the kind words regarding our kitchen in the last post. Today a man came, drilled a hole in the floor (a very small one) and installed some kind of plastic thingy that will help give accurate readings. He also put a very warm fan in there to help dry the concrete, and he'll be back in about two weeks to check how the floor's doing. By then we should know if it's enough with the two weeks - or if we're looking at another few weeks or a month or two.. *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Not exactly the dreamy start of a new year..

Well, how I wish I could say that the picture below can describe our start of the new year.. Snowy white, a blanket covering the old - clean fresh sheets, blank papers ready to be filled with good and creative stuff.. Well, creative we will have to be, I guess, no matter what happens.

You see, this is our kitchen as of 10AM this morning. Notice something a little out-of-place? Or, perhaps missing?

Could it have something to do with the piece of cupboard standing beside the fridge and freezer?

Or the stove missing beside the large cupboard?

Oh, wait, how about the missing floor?

Yup, thanks to a (we thought) minor leak in a pipe near our dishwasher (which we got to use for about 2 weeks after we bought it) our entire kitchen floor got ripped up this morning - and they even had to take out the bench, sink and some other parts of the kitchen too to get to the floor.

So there you have it - we've got an 8 months old (soon to be 9 months old, actually), who's busy crawling in lightning speed across the floor, standing up every place where he's got some support (or even up against the walls and doors) and who won't leave anything (anything) in peace - and no kitchen. Fun. Fun fun fun. I'm waiting to hear from a company who's going to come and dry the floor (the concrete is soaked..) but worst case scenario - we'll be out of a kitchen for anything between 2-3 weeks to 2-3 months. *..yay..*

Let's just go back to the first picture and let our minds be cleared, like the white, clean snow covering the ground, the playarea and the tree with it's bright little lights.. forcing the pictures of what used to be a working kitchen about 6 hours ago.. Oh, did I mention that the bathroom door won't close? Or, it will close, but you might not be able to come out again. For some reason, the door won't open from the inside - only the outside. I think something's loose somewhere.

So what did we do after the carpenters tore our kitchen down?

We lounged infront of the TV, watching In the Night Garden. (Don't you lust love Peder's new chair?) We listen to music - and, right now, Peder's having a nap while I'm getting a bit of whining out of my system.

Things can only go one way now, right? *sigh*