Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not quite MIA

But almost!

Most of our things are still in boxes - except extremely (?) necessary things, like computors, cameras, Peder's toys, all of our DVDs, etc. Those things are unpacked and sorted. The rest - including all my sewing gear - is still.. somewhere around here. It's not easy unpacking with a 6mo little bossy one demanding full attention (and preferably having you sitting on the floor next to him, otherwise it's no fun to play with his toys..). But we're getting there. :)

Lucky for me, I've got the main present all ready for my SSCS-"victim". ;) And the ornaments? Almost done. And, better yet, I know where they are! *yay*

As Donna so nicely wrote on her blog, it's only two months left until Christmas! (Or, for us participating in the SSCS2010, only one more month before it's time to send out our pressies.. stress? Nah.. none what so ever. Or, maybe some..)

Tomorrow's Wednesday, and it's the middle of my last week at home before going back to work for a little while. Peder's going to stay at home with his dad - dad's have 10 weeks of leave in Norway - while I'll be working for the next 5 weeks (luckily I've got some weeks of vacation I need to take before the new year anyway, so I get away with only - only? it's long enough!!! - 5 weeks at work before I get another two months at home with our little man. I still can't believe how fast these past 6 months have passed - it seems like only yesterday he arrived into our lives. But when I look at the way and speed he develops, he's growing up sooo quickly! Each day seems to bring something new.

Oh, and, yes, we have moved. It's been stressful and everything's a mess. But, we're getting there.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Closing in on mid-October

Well, it's definetly fall outside now. This morning greeted us with a clear blue sky - and 3.3 degrees celsius.. *brr* And it's going to get colder. This is definetly the season for sitting inside and working on crafts - being knitting or sewing. I'm working on a little of both at the moment. Or, to be honest, knitting seems to be easier to pick up - you only need needles and some yarn. Sewing seems to be more of an effort picking up these days, as you need a sewing machine, fabric, pattern, buttons, thread, notions, ironing board, the actual iron, etc etc etc. But, I think/hope this will change a little once we move.

We're in the process of moving to our new apartment. Actually, we're signing the final papers on Friday, which is when we get the keys - and we'll start moving stuff on Friday afternoon, hopefully finishing the actual moving of stuff on Saturday, and have Sunday to clean our old apartment. *phew* Now, if my plans work out, I'll have a small designated place for my sewing stuff, which will mean that I won't have to invade the kitchen each and every time I plan to do something. *fingers crossed*

Have you ever seen this magazine before? I hadn't - until last week, when my mom was in town. We both ended up buying it - and have a pact to have something planned or started from this magazine by the end of this week. Well, with us moving this weekend, I think I'll have to stop by planning. It's full of patterns and ideas and all things pretty - it's very difficult to decide what to make. This is the second issue, apparently, and even though it cost a little more than the average quilt/crafts magazine does, it had a bunch of stuff enclosed too - fabric, felt, buttons, ribbons, etc - to make some of the items inside. Unfortunetly, it was wrapped in plastic, so it would be kinda difficult to flip through the pages unless you buy it.. but I can say that I really liked it, for whatever that is worth.

Well, it's the middle of October already, and I've got my head full of things that I'd like to make. Like the things in the picture above. I've actually tried my hand at designing something by myself, and although I don't really care much for my own drawings, I kinda like the way some of these things turned out. I can't show you what they really look like - or what they will look like in the end - you see, these are little secrets.. and secrets are best kept, well, secret, aren't they? But sneaky peaks are allowed. ;)

I've actually finished the main present for this years SSCS. I decided to use fabric from my favorite series - Heart to Heart, by Moda. It's an old one, but I absolutely love it! I've got some bits and pieces left, which I've been saving, but it's better for the both of us (me and the fabric) that they are used for something. I'm loving the way this little project turned out, and I do hope that the person who recieves it also will like it. Time will tell. :)

Peder's Christmas stocking has been stitched too - here's a little sneak peak of the Santa. I'm not completely happy with his beard, and I'm thinking of maybe trying to dye the fabric in tea to see if that will help the beard stand out more. Luckily (haha) I haven't finished sewing it up yet, and since I have some time before I have to have it finished, I'll leave it for a little while longer and see what I'll end up with. What would you have done, would you've tried to dye it?

Well, as I said in the beginning of this post, knitting is so much easier to pick up these days than sewing.. And I've fallen in love with purple yarn! (Well, I do like purple, but this yarn was just stunning.) I'm working on something called "pocket slippers". Will show you what that is when I'm done with this pair. I actually made one pair last week, but ended up using a size needles bigger than the pattern said, and they were HUGE! I think I can fit both my feet into one slipper.. So I started a new pair. It's a very simple pattern, I found it on a Norwegian blog a couple of weeks ago.

And here's to working on Christmas presents early! I found this wonderful yarn with variations of purple in it in my local yarn shop, and I knew that this had to be made into something for a very dear friend of mine. It's warm and soft and cuddly - and a dream to work with! I'll show you the result when I'm done. ;)

Well, the young boss of the house is awake again (so much for getting some knitting done while he slept, but atleast I got a post done).

Until next time!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


And so, a couple of weeks have passed - again!

I swear, I have had a post ready to be written and published for a while now, but the time to sit down and actually write it (not to mention, take the pictures for it) hasn't come by my way yet - so consider this a "I'll be back"-notice (not said in the ohsofamous voice of the Governator).

I actually have a finish to show (parts of, anyway, considering that it's a secret - until December 25th), I have a couple of "I-designed-these" works-in-progress, and I've been doing some testing with yarn this week - one project in rich, dark purple, and one in purple and pink tones.

But, I'll have to come back to these things a bit later - right now I'm battling the beginning of a cold, and it's - to say it very mildly - freaking annoying to have half a runny nose while trying to accomplish something..