Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall is here..

With candles and a new table cloth (curtesy of my mom). Cute?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Give away-winner & extremely bad memory.

This is really really embarrassing, but while packing my weekend projects bag, I remembered that I'd forgotten to show you the cute bag I won in May Britt's give-away earlier this summer. *facepalm*
It's perfect! I love the colours, and it holds everything I need for a weekend get-away;
- a ball of yarn (car-knitting)
- a plastic ziplock-bag with measuring tape & knitting needles
- another small bag containing a small stitchery project
And there's room for more! Plus, it's small enough to go in my bag of knitting projects. Awesome!
Lovely May Britt even added the most adorable ribbon with tiny cars on - and some candy, which is loooong gone.. quite mysteriously.. hmm..
Thank you so much, May Britt! I love the bag and it's been travelling with me all summer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mystery at the Library

This was fun!

Roughly translated from the article in Lokalavisa - Sør-Østerdal, 21.07.2012 :

Mystery at the Library

Chief librarian Kari Lise Hagen suddenly discovered three mysterious apples.

There are strange and mysterious things happening at the library in Trysil centrum these days. - One apple was placed on the reference desk, another one on a shelf between some books, and the third was found with the children’s books, says Kari Lise Hagen.
- It’s not just that they’re apples, either. They’re wearing clothes or coats, or what you may call it. Whoever’s left them here, is a very skilled crafter, says Hagen. On the question of what she first thought when she discovered them, she answers that she thought she might have an admirer amongst the users of the library, but she’s read so many books herself,she thought they might even be poisonous..?
– It would’ve been fun to find out who it was that had given this gift to the library. It’s really nice and fun. I’d like to thank whoever it is, she says.
- They are decorative, and they smell very good. I’ve placed them all on the reference desk, and there are quite a few who’ve made remarks about them, says KLH.
- It will be difficult to find out who left them. There are many users who borrow books about crafts, and there are very many skilled crafters in Trysil. Thank you very much to whoever did this, this was really nice and I am very curious about who this might be, says Hagen.

Yes, I'm the maker/leaver. And yes, I did tell her about it - afterwards. But it was fun - and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It's not about getting in the papers or anything like that - it's about giving something to someone, just because.

Why not? Spread a little joy, make someone smile. Come to think of it. why don't you - yes, YOU - join me? (And if you do, I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment or send me an email.)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Moomin Mugs from Arabia

I started collecting these adorable Moomin mugs a couple of years ago, and thought that I should make a "register" or something to keep track of which ones I had - to help both me - and those who might want to give me a mug or two - to remember which ones I've got.

So, here goes..


Groke (Hufsa)

Hemulens (Hemulen)

Hooray (Helsinki, World Design Capitol 2012)



Mymble's mother (My's mamma)

Primadonna's horse

Snufkin (Snusmumriken)

Soap Bubbles

Winter Games (I've got two of this one)

Night Sailing (65th Anniversary Mug)

Winter Forest - Christmas 2012

Snorkmaiden (Snorkfrøken) 2013

Fillyjonk (Fillifjonka)
Thingumy and Bob

Snorkmaiden and Poet


Under the tree (Winter special 2013)


Adventure 2013


Winter special 2014 (Skiing with Mister Brisk)

Snufkin (Snusmumriken)

Little My

Hattifnatts (Hattifnatter)

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Apple cozies

My boss asked if I could make an apple cozy in blue. Well, here's six she can choose from. (I've made about 15 of these now - easy to get "hooked"..)