Monday, September 27, 2021

It's pumpkin spice season again!

I don't know if it's because it's really tasty, or if it's because it's a rare treat, but when autumn comes, so does the craving for pumpkin spice latte. 

Previously only available (here i Norway) through Starbucks, you can imagine how surpriced we (my mom and I) were when we went to Espresso House and saw that they too could mix up a nice, warm, spiced hotdrink with pumpkin spice!

And not only that, they sold the sirup so that you could make it at home! (My local EH didn't want to sell us more than one bottle, in fear of running out.. so we split the bottle between us.)

There is a slight difference in this syrup than the syrup used at SB. For one, it's thinner (more watery), which makes it very easy to mix in with hot water or coffe. And the taste is a little sweeter and less "dominant". There's a fragrance, but it's not heavy (or I might not have used enough syrup in my drinks yet). I don't get the craving to brush my teeth after drinking it, which is very nice I must add. 

The same syrup can be found in some webshops - I was given an address as a tip, but was also warned that the shipping costs were a pain (in the wallet).. so I was very pleased I was able to buy this bottle in a store and not having to order it online. 


In other news, Norway removed most of their restrictions toward COVID-19 this Saturday at 16:00. I'm not sure how I feel about it, yet.. But seeing how so many people were out celebrating Saturday evening, I'm not surpriced at all if we get another wave of hospital admissions in about two weeks time.. It's just too fast - and perhaps too soon. And I'm not comfortable at all. Waiting to hear from work soon, to see what they are thinking. Apparently all in-house restrictions are removed this Wednesday - but there are many of us who are still working from home. Suddenly, we're all going back to how it was before C-19, skipping masks and venturing into crowds as if there's no harm to be found. 

I've just spent 562 days away from the office - only venturing in a couple of times during the past year and a half - and I don't feel like this is something that can just be switched off just like that..