Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Make one - make four

This year I've had three advent calendars (which A thinks is a bit unfair). One is for each Sunday in advent - with parcels from both my mom and my MIL. The remaining two are from StepbyStep - a quilty calendar - and from Værbitt, - a knitters calendar.

I'll write a post about the calendar from StepbyStep soon, but I'm over the moon excited about it - and I will (if they make one) buy one next year too.

So, from Værbitt comes one parcel every odd day in December - from the 1st to the 23rd - and a bonus parcel on Christmas Eve (which is THE BIG DAY in Norway). The contents are a nice mixture of handdyed yarn and stitchmarkers - and this year's ornament. Yup, they design a new ornament each year, and include both pattern and kit for making these in the calendar. 

This year the ornament came on the 9th, and was a gorgeous little bird, decorated with glass beads and feathers, and two different coloured yarn, so you could decide for your self which colour you wanted to ues.

I made the first one in the greenish-blue yarn and thought it was a cute little guy, which came together surpricingly easy.

So I decided to see how many birds I'd be able to make with the yarn provided in the kit. The answer? Four. Two greenish-blue and two orangy-pink. 

They've fund their places in our Christmas tree, surrounded by both handmade ornaments, old and new, and some more vintage ones (from when hubby was little). 

I have a couple of ornaments from Værbitt that I havenæt come around to make yet. I bought these patterns some time after they were published - so no kits for these. They're on my to do-list, with quite a lot of other things. Perhaps they'll be finished for next year's tree?

Det skal godt gjøres å lage bare én… 🥰🦜 @varbitt

Monday, December 19, 2022

Memorial quilt

I rarely make anything for others when asked to. I can make stuff for people and gift them, if I get the idea myself - but I've avoided custom work. Mainly because it feels like whenever something is something I have to do, it's a real dread and all my motivation and will to craft goes down the drain. 

Until now. 

A friend of ours sent me a message a couple of weeks ago, asking if I'd be willing to help her help a friends of hers, who's just been through a devastating experience in her life, by making a t-shirt quilt for her. 

 I told her I'd never done that before, and wasn't sure if what I would be able to do would be good enough - but also that if she really wantet, I'd give it a try.

She came by with a bag of t-shirts and a fleece blanket, and I started to think..

First I demolished the t-shirts to see how large pieces I could get from them - and ironed on stabilising fabric to make them more manageable. 

This is the first layout. Trying to save as much of the designs on the t-shirts that had designs on them.

Checking to see how this layout would work with the fleece blanket. I moved some of the blocks around to get a bit more air around the designs.

And finally spray-glued to the fleece blanket!

I quilted it with straight lines following each seam, and cut the sides of the fleece down to 2". Folded the edges in twice before sewing it down. 

I didn't get a ood picture of the finished quilt, but our friends was very happy. The imposter syndrome is great in this one, so I'm still aftraid I've messed up..

This is my block for week 50 of the #focuscuttingsewalong hosted by @naomialicec 🎄 Christmas and pattern matching. Gingerbread houses it is!