Friday, February 13, 2009

Part of my desk.

This is a small part of my desk at work. Currently blinded by the sunshine and snow outside, but you can see my calendar, a picture of my Truly Scrumptious quilt, and a birthday card I got last year. Oh, and my bamboo plant (it's the green "stick" on the right). :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Etsy-shop

I forgot to blog the address to our Etsy-shop last week..


What's this?

When I was walking to the tram (trikk) yesterday - after gettting broke in the Nøstebarn-store - I found this poor little fellow sitting outside a coffee bar. I think he wanted to go inside and get some warmth in his branches..

Monday, February 09, 2009

Would you like ice with that?

Edit: This picture shows a gigantic piece of ice hanging outside the window of the office. Cool, huh? Despite the Oslo winter going from cold to warm and back again to cold, there are some pieces of beauty out there. Btw, we had to showel snow twice this weekend - BF went outside on Saturday and did a fantastic job, but when Sunday came, there was just as much - or even more - snow in the yard. Atleast we didn't have to dig out the car on the way to work today (we both take the bus). ;)

Saturday, February 07, 2009


We're snowing in. I wish..

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Today's view

Fog and snow. :)
I think that basically sums it all up. After about half a week with - for Oslo - very cold temperatures, it started to snow yesterday afternoon. And this morning? Well, still something falling down (although extremely small pieces of such) and about 10 centimeters (close to 4 inches) on the ground. Atleast they tried to remove most of it from the roads earlier this morning.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Winter's here!

As the picture shows, it's a really nice day - only, it's very cold. Very cold for Oslo.. This morning, when I left the apartment around 6AM, it was about -10 degrees celsius outside. People might say that it's colder in Trysil, but I have to disagree. It's a completely different type of cold near the coast then inside the country or up in the mountains. The moist from the sea really makes everything sooo much colder. It feels like no matter how much clothes you're wearing, the cold sneaks around, finds a weak spot, and attack. I'd rather have the -26 degrees celsius up in the mountains then the -10 degrees celsius (or colder) down here today.

There hasn't been much crafty things going on lately - mostly because we're both working alot these days, and when the weekends finally come, we're spending it on the couch watching movies.. But I have been doing something!

Last night I helped BF finish 4 more softies for our Etsy shop (I'll post a link some day). I finished a pair of baby knitted socks during last week's meeting in the guild, and I'm almost done with the January block for the Sunbonnet Sue BOM. I'm also knitting another baby blanket (in very very soft and light wool) and I'm about halfway done with this one.

On Saturday I received a parcel from an online bookstore with two books about knitting. One's called 50 Baby Booties to Knit and the other is a collection of patterns from a very popular store in Norway (both on and outside the web) called Nøstebarn.

In other news, we've planned our vacation for this summer, booked the hotel and bought the tickets for the plane to... Iceland! We'll be spending 10 lovely days in Reykjavik and the area around, and we've started to plan different activities. According to BF, the guy who runs our hotel also works as a guide of some sorts, and he said he'd help us arrange things if we needed help. This will be so much fun! I've only barely been to Iceland - we had to swap planes there the last time we went to the States - but I don't believe that counts. :)