Monday, June 30, 2014

Almost back to "normal"

The carpenters came Saturday morning (8AM). They had some corrections and finishes to do, and worked through the day. I think they finished around 5:30 PM, atleast that's when they called Hubby to say that they were finished.

Perhaps not that much difference from the last round of pictures, but the floor's done, the walls and roof painted - and the dust removed from the doors, walls and floor.
Livingroom, light and bright!

We've slowly started to move things back now - starting with emptying Peder's room so that he could go back to sleeping there. Couch, table and TV are back in the living room. 

There are spots on my lense..

Funny enough, there seems to be some spots on the lense of my Iphone camera. These spots are not on our walls, they just appear now and then. (I've tried cleaning the lense, but hasn't worked much so far..)

Hallway, with the door to the bathroom
It's nice to be done with the dusty part of redecorating. The reason why we haven't moved everything back the way it was, is that we're thinking of exchanging some of the furniture we had (shelves, etc) for new ones, lighter ones, but that's going to have to wait until all the bills are paid. (So far we're enjoying the space-y-ness of not having an overfilled livingroom - and Peder's really enjoying the ecco.)

Sunday, June 22, 2014


I took some new pictures of the redecoration process on Friday. (The carpenters were back yesterday, but - except from the hallway floor - there's not that bog a change.)

I think I have some smudges on my lense, those round spots are not on the walls.. The base layer has been painted, and the ceiling. 

Was a bit surpriced to find a pair of shorts left behind, and the new doors are still waiting in their packages. 

The hallway is almost ready for painting, and the door will be exchanged for a new one. 

But the corners still needed some more plaster (sparkel, as we say in norwegian). 

Today's Sunday. According to schedule, the electrician will come by on Wednesday, and the carpenters will be done by Saturday. I sure hope they manage to stick by their schedule - it'll be nice to move everything out of their boxes and down from the attic again. 

Happy Sunday!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Our entire apartment is covered in a thin, fine layer of dust.. I'm already daydreaming (nightmares?) about scrubbing down every room and rearranging them back to normal. Shit happens when carpenters are working in both the hallway and the livingroom. Peder's room is now being used as a livingroom (barely had space for the tv and the couch) and he's sleeping in our room while the work gets done. The plan is for the carpenters to finish by June 28th, but we'll see if they manage. 

While removing the wallpaper in the hallway, we discovered some funky colour combinations. How about three different (hopefully not all at once..) colours on the walls? Part red, part sea green and part yellow? 

The livingroom is a mess. I've got nothing else to say about that. The door's missing - we're changing new doorsnin the livingroom and the bathroom. I wonder how many days we'll be without a proper bathroom door.. Hmmm.. We went by the carpenter store today and selected new doors (and handles). I like the planning of fixing up our home - and the end results, but the middle part? 

I'm feeling very tired lately (have been up to around 1AM tearing down wallpaper for a couple of nights) and my sewing is just not happening. No sewing machine, etc.. I have a baby quilt (crib quilt) I want to start, but with all this damned dust? I think I'll stick to knitting for a couple of more days. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I think I have a secret crush on my spam filter.. After removing the word identificator, aka the I'm not a robot-function on the comments, I've had five spam comments in the last week alone! 

Luckily they've not been published, but recognised right away and ended up in a special little place - ready to be deleted. 

Now, five's not that much - but they're more than I've gotten in the last few years all together. I don't like spam - I prefer it when real people read and leave comments on my blog. (No, I'm not putting the safety function back on - not yet. If I get 50 spam a week, I might consider it.)

The picture is of my work pc last week. There's no fun trying to get maps when this is the results you're given after waiting for the program to finish thinking and processing your input. 

Sunday, June 08, 2014


I'm spending the next couple of day tidying up, packing down and clearing our living room and hallway. The electrician's coming by on Friday, and next Monday the carpenters will start fixing the ceilings and walls (and floor). So, before that both rooms/areas need to be emptied and the wallpaper torn down. 

Martin and Peder are on a little trip. They left this morning and will be back some time early tomorrow afternoon. Until they return, I'm trying to get most of the small stuff taken care of, so that Martin can help me move the heavier stuff and furniture out of the way. 

Having a break now, and I can't help but daydream about traveling. I've been to London three times, but still I'd like to go back. 

View from the London Eye.
 I really like London - so big, but still so easy to go from A to B.

They've even got a Tardis!
I hope that I will be able to go back to London again, in a not so distant future. There's still so much of this city that I've yet to explore, and so many parts that I've visited - but I'd like to see them again. 

Oh, well.. 
Back to tidying and packing.. I wish I was done already.. :-/

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Bird Cherry (Hegg)

I finished the cloth I was knitting during Chooky's Chookshed celebrations last weekend! It's really pretty, and I think I'm going to put it in the gift basket to give away later. I'm feeling the urge to cast on another one, but I think there's a new pattern being released in a KAL (knit along) some time tomorrow, so I might just wait and see if the new pattern is to my liking.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures taken of the cloth, freshly cast off.

Purple is one of my favorite colors.
The pattern is by the norwegian knitting designer Bittami - who's quite popular on Ravelry, and on FaceBook.

Bird Cherry (Hegg in Norwegian).

I also took some amazing sunset pictures the other evening. It was just before the rain started, and at some point it looked like the building next door was on fire. Pretty cool!

I love sunsets (and sunrises, although I do prefer to be in bed, sleeping, at that time of the morning..).

All the colors seem more vibrant and clear against the burning fires of the sky.

And then the glowing golden turns into soft pink and purple.. 

I also finished the little stitchery I started just before the weekend. I shared a picture of this too during the weekend, and I managed to put the final stitches in this afternoon. The project itself is far from done, as I most likely need a sewing machine to complete it, and I've packed mine down (we're having carpenters redecorating our living room and hallway in about a week and a half, which means that we need to pack down and move around on quite a lot of stuff..). 

Indeed, life is sweet!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

I spy..

In my office window yesterday, there were colours - in form of a green plant (loving the sun and warmth) and an apple in a cozy. (For some reason we're not supposed to personalize the offices too much - but, honestly, who cares? Anything to make you love your office - you spend 1/3 of your day there, if not more.) 

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Solo Sunday

Strapped on my running shoes and headed out in the park this morning. Very calming for the mind. Not that I run that much, but I walk, climb the hills, jog every time I hit a certain part of my round (and try to push myself a little further each round). With music, the nature around me or a podcast on my ear time seems to fly - and when I think I've been gone for 20 minutes, in reality I've been gone for over 1 1/2 hours. 

With this view, who wouldn't want to take a trip outside?

Happy (sunny) Sunday to all of you!
I'll be back with some more crafty posts later, in honour of the Chookshed's celebrations. 

Knitted cloth - progress

This pattern wasn't as difficult as I first though (Bird Cherry/Hegg, by Bita Mikkelborg). Managed to memorize the pattern after a couple of repetitions. Only thing is, I'm thinking about testing the yarn+pattern with a pair of smaller needles next time.. The result is a bit more "airy" than I'd like it to be. But, I might change my mind later - will see how it acts when it grows a bit more. :)