Monday, December 29, 2008

Still alive - and SSCS arrived and opened

It's December 29th - and we're still alive. :)

We had decided to celebrate Christmas Eve just the two of us this year - but because of things happening, we ended up celebrating the afternoon with BF's family at his aunt's house, and then took a second celebration in our apartment later that night. But it was a nice day. BF's brothers came by and spent some time with us earlier in the day. Our internet connection was repaired (it took over an hour, the poor lad fixing it being on his cell and poking our cables at the same time) after being broken for about five or six days (and that's alot, when you think of how much you depend on having everything available to you at all times - like mail and bank services).

I was a good girl and saved my SSCS gift until Christmas Eve. :) And I was a very lucky girl too. Cathy was my elf this year, and she sent me a very full, fun and pretty gift. :)

In the picture below you can see the fabric it was wrapped in, chocolates, a tazzie devil (stuffed, luckily), two patterns, postcards, Christmas decorations (I'm still looking at the tiny tiny stitches - they're so adorable!) and vegemite! (I remember that a friend of my sister went to Australia to study medicine, and he got completely hooked on Vegemite, I still haven't tried it, but I will!)

My "victim" this year was Anita. I received an email from her the other day, and everything was just perfect. :)

After spending the last couple of days with BF's family, I seem to have caught some of the bugs his middle brother's battling, I can just feel my throat getting more and more sore by the minute. Hopefully this can be battled quickly (and not end up in a two week sickleave like the last one).

Today we're going in to town to do some shopping (and looking). My sweet BF got me the new Ipod nano for Christmas and I'm so afraid I'll scratch it I'm going to look for a protective cover for it. It's soo pretty (bright red) and soo tiny and thin (and huge! considering it's about 16Gb space for music, movies and pictures on it).

Hope you're all having wonderful Christmas days!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Today's view

Not very Christmas-y, but atleast white..

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Nice view?

Not really.. It's really foggy here today.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

SSCS - the arrival of the parcel!

Well, actually, it arrived in the mail last week (the mailman who actually delivers our mail stuffed it really deep into our tiny mailbox - and BF was almost not able to get it out)! I am soo curious!

The envelope had gone through a pretty rough trip, and was torn here and there, so I decided to open it and see if everything was ok with it's contents. Well, I cannot hear any broken sounds from it, and it seems ok, but look at the gorgeous fabric Cathy has used to wrap it! :D

Thank you thank you thank you! Only two and a half more weeks now, and then it's unwrapping-time!

In other news, I've heard that both my "victims" have received their parcels - both Kelli and Anita. :) I am so glad that they both arrived safely and quickly.

I am currently trying to find some inspiration and some ideas to make a couple of Christmas presents, but it's soooo hard!!! I really just want to work on my BFG or knitting another pair of.. well, secrets.. *wink* But I need to get these ones done by the weekend after next. And I need to go downtown and do some shopping too - and maybe go to Ikea.. and, and, and.. AND bake! We (BF and I) went through some baking books today and made a list of some of the cookies/yummie things we'd like to make for Christmas. And then comes finding the time to bake. And make. And, see our friends.. We have a "date" with a friend of ours on Thursday, Wedensday is the Christmas meeting in my guild, and then there's work, work, and did I mention work? I have so much to do before Christmas I'm having a hard time finding a place to start!

Atleast we've been able to get some gift tags made today. :) One small step, etc etc etc.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

One small step..

Yep! Testing out the blog function on my mobile - and showing the first block for Butterfly Garden. :)

Edit: Works like a charm! Hmm, perhaps it'll help me update a little more often. *blush* Oh, and btw, this was the first block for my BFG - I have now completed all the hearts, and have started on the flowers. No rush, though, this is "comfort sewing". ;) In other news, I have learned how to knit socks!! Yay!