Sunday, March 25, 2007

A New Discovery

I spent Friday evening at IKEA with my sister - having dinner (very good) and looking through some new sortiment (spring's here!) and did some shopping (some things that were needed, and some things.. just because). :)

On the way to IKEA we passed a mall which none of us had ever been to - Alnabru Senteret. They had stores like Barnas Hus, Toys'R'Us and Tropehagen. So we decided that, if they were still open when we left IKEA, we would stop by. And, yes, it was open. :) I think I've found my favorite mall outside the main parts of Oslo now, mainly because of Tropehagen. It was the BIGGEST pet shop I'd seen in Oslo, and it had a HUGE area just for critters like rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits - lots of toys and treats, cage accessoires and fun things. Ofcourse I had to leave with quite a large bag of buys. :)

They even had three rats there - two girls and a boy - and they were the biggest, safest and most curious rats I'd seen in a pet store for quite some time. Usually pet stores take in rat babies who aren't much older then 3-4 weeks (which is way too early to be taken from their mother) but these three were from a private breeder, and were about - I'd say - 7-8 weeks old, maybe older. Their cages were big and clean, lots of food and drink, and small houses to hide in. It really warms my heart when I see that some people actually know how to treat their animals good - even if they are pet stores and rats. It doesn't matter, rats are animals too - with feelings and personality.

Speaking of rats, my eldest had to go to the vet last week. She's suddenly got old.. The vet didn't really know what was wrong, ear infection, middle ear infection, stroke, so she gave me a 10 day antibiotic cure and some steroides. I think she looks better now, but she's still old and tired. Her 2-year birthday is coming up soon - two weeks left now - and we know that she won't be with us for that much longer. Hopefully she will get better so that she can enjoy her last weeks or months, but with small animals you just can't know for sure.

The two other little rascals are at full speed as usually. :) Spoiled bRATS..

Now I think I'll finish eating my Skittles (Smoothie Mix) and try to get something done today.. I did say "try".