Sunday, September 28, 2014


Variegated yarn! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fluffy and golden

The sun rose while I was on my way out this morning. I stopped to take a picture of the fluffy, golden clouds scatteted across the sky. 

Happy Wednesday, everybody! We're halfway to the weekend now. :-)

Friday, September 12, 2014

One hectic day.. (picture heavy post)

Yesterday I had the "joy" of getting up at 03:50AM to sneak out of the house.. took the first bus I could catch to go downtown and take the airport express train. The plane left at 07:00, and the destination was Trondheim!

Nice view from the air.
 I'd been invited by the bosses from work to hold a presentation at their monthly meeting, and after a 20 minute presentation, answering a few questions and giving some comments, I had the rest of the day to myself, before my plane went back to Oslo.

Apparently, I found the dentist district!

Hubby should've been with me, as the whole city is full of old signs and buildings, but I managed to take a few pictures for him.

A dragon on the side of the old post office.

The coolest lamp ever! also at the old post office.

A dove delivering a letter at the, you guessed it, old post office.

A pub, with the name "The Family" - with the sign/font from
"The Godfather".

"Mormors Stue", where I had lunch.

The local paper - since 1767.

The view going home. 

It was a very long day - I left home before 04:30, and wasn't home again until closer to 18:00. Managed to take a nap every now and then - on the airport express train, on the first plan, on the bus to the airport going home - and on the couch at home - before finally going to bed. 

Walking around Trondheim I managed to find a few of the shops my grandmother used to go to for sewing supplies - which was fun. Also the café where I had lunch is a place she used to take my sister and I for lunch or cakes when we visited. 

I hope to go back there soon, without the stress of a potential presentation hanging over me. (The presentation went great, by the way, and I was asked to do it again on Monday - this time for the people I work with.) 

But right now, I'm just longing to go to bed and get some more sleep. *yawn*
Good night and sleep tight - don't let the crafty bugs bite. ;-)