Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Story of my Day - block 12!

Well, this is block 12 of 25! The next block will tip us over the halfway point - and I cannot belive we're here already!

Still loving the stitching process, and the designs. I'm even contemplating starting another stitchery project once this is completed. Any suggestions to which project might be suitable?

Friday, August 21, 2020

Dagens etter-jobb underholdning 😄 Helt glimrende @intetnyttfrahjemmefronten

The Story of my Day - Block 11

Week 11 - block 11. 

It's still entertaining and fun to stitch again, and as these are rather small blocks - with only one a week - this whole project is just nice. In a lack of better words.

I'm knitting a scarf/shawl, taking a break from knitting dish cloths, waiting for two new books (knitting) and some craft supplies. I've joined a quarterly spinning fibre club, and am wondering about (finally) starting a project using my (vintage.. hahaha) Halloween fabric. 

I have about a ton of things to sew on the sewing machine - but all I want to do is sew by hand.. Well, soon I'll be able to wrap up the home office for the weekend, perhaps the sewing machine will get some attention this weekend...?

We'll see. 

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Fullstendig hekta! Jenkins håndtein fra @spinnvilt og ull i lamull og silke fra @oslomikrospinneri og @rentoppspinn og @varbitt 💚 #jenkinsturkishspindle

Translated to English : 

I'm completely hooked! A Jenkins turkish spindle bought at Spinnvilt (a shop dedicated to fibres and spinning), with fibre in lambswool and silk from Oslo Microspinneri, by Rent Oppspinn - and bought at Værbitt. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Story of my Day - block 10

We're getting close to the halfway point when it comes to these blocks. 10 blocks finished - 15 to go. 

August is halfway done, schools are back on again after the summer vacation, and I'm still working from home. Oh well... recently discovered perks of working from home, is the opertunity to take a shower during the lunch break after a rather moist walk to the kindergarden this morning. It's hot and humid here these days.. 😓

Monday, August 10, 2020

The Story of my Day - block 9

Last week's block was quite a quickie. We cam home from Trysil Sunday afternoon, and after putting our luggage away and starting the laundry (it basically does all it's own work after starting the machine, haha), I picked up the block - not quite in the mood to start something else, or knit. And before I knew it, the block was finished!

I know, I need to trim off some loose threads, but I have to trim down all the blocks before joining them anyway. That's because I cut the fabric about 1/2" bigger than the pattern called for before stitching. 

This week it's time for the 10th block - and we're nearly halfway through stitching all these sweet blocks. Time surely flies!


In other news, I've been sewing a little this weekend. Both on Saturday and Sunday. I had decided not to start making masks in these COVID-times, not until my government says so. But... of course there's a but.. Later this week there is a press conference, and the main topic they will talk about, is recommendations regarding the use of masks (both industrial made and most likely also homemade). 

Hubby's been going to his office now and then, and will talk about how crowded the buses are, going to and from the office - and people are just not respecting this virus anymore.. 

Later this week I have an appointment with my dentist - and I do believe I will be using a mask taking the bus to and from. Of course, this appointment is the day before the government will be giving their recommendations, however, if it will make me feel a little bit safer going to and from the dentist, then I shall wear a mask. 

I've drawn off another pattern of masks to test out, to see if they sit right around my nose and chin. I might try to sew a couple more masks up during this week - after work. Yup, still working from home. The sewing machine is literally 4 inches away from my computor. But, work first - then "play". 


Hope you're safe and sane. Crafting seem to help for me, and taking walks. Keeps my mind from digging itself too deep down.

Monday, August 03, 2020

Story of my day - SAL block 7 and 8

Two more blocks completed for the Story of my day SAL/quilt. I'm really loving the process of stitching these.. following (sort of) Anni's colours for the DMC (I've used the ones that I have, so where my stash matches her description there you go - and for those colours where my stash is missing that particular colour, I'm using another one that I think will work out OK). 

The "Find matching socks" was stitched in it's entirety while I was in Trysil with my mom and my kids. 

This block was started at home and finished at my mom's house. 

I think I'm going to finish this in the same way my mom is planning to do hers - by using some of the (many...) mini charm packs that I have (after subscribing to a montly delivery of mini charm packs) so that the result will be in the wimsical, scrappy way. I think that will work out pretty well with this pattern. (And I need to use more of my mini charm packs...) I'm a little unsure of which ones to use, seeing as I've used an offwhite-beige-like colour in the backgrounds for all of my stitcheries, and I don't think that using very white fabric will go too well (I have another project where this just ruined everything.. and I'm thinking about just throwing that project - the dotted death, as I've named it - in the trash).