Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mugrug swap December 2017

Before Christmas 2017 I participated in a mug rug swap in the Norwegian Modern Quilt group on FaceBook, making and sending two mug rugs off to a partner (also a member in the same group). 

I got a little stuck trying to define what's modern to me.. but finally settled with a couple of designs - and tried to get some quilting practice in too. (I haven't entirely given up on learning to machine quilt better - I even have a book now! But it takes time..)

These are the backs of the mug rugs, showing the quilting. I tried to use the movements in the fabric/design from the front of the mug rugs to see where it might take me. 

And then the fronts. The little tree is drawn by me. I sewed small golden glass beads on it to make it a little more Christmas-y, and to match the tiny gold dots on the background fabric. 

I really liked them - and ended up making another set for me too. :-)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Early morning..

Bilderesultat for sommertid

I can't really say that I'm a huge fan of daylight savings - sommer tid - moving the clocks twice a year. Well, in the fall it's OK, getting what seems like an extra hour in the night/morning. But in the spring?

Last night took forever to get the kids to sleep.. And when I finally went to bed, dead-tired as usual, my mind is working as if I've overcome the tiredness, and starts getting creative. So, did I get much sleep last night? Nope.. Have I been planning the next quilting and knitting projects? Oh yes...!

I'm one of a very small handful of people who will spend the next two days in the office (Easter is usually a slow time), which isn't too bad. It's quite OK when you're a little tired. And with the coffee from the barista downstairs it's really not that bad! Unless, of course, on days like today - when their espresso machines are having some technical difficulties (perhaps they too are not yet adjusted to the new time?)..

So, early morning, little sleep, quiet office - and no coffee.