Thursday, May 14, 2020

May might bring surprices

April gave both temperatures for winter coats and shorts-weather. And then May came. Warm at first, and then suddenly icy cold.. Sunday it rained...

Tuesday and the kids were back in kindergarden and school - and then hail! P explained when he came home that the hail had begun when they went outside for "outdoor-school" and didn't end until they were going home. Their homework for that day? Spend an hour on the couch and drink some hot chocolate (no, I'm not kidding..).

After dinner, hail really stated falling. I mean, I can't explain it any better than one of out neighbourhood kids, who exclaimed that it was raining popcorn! I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves..

One of our freshly planted flowers died.. at least we got to enjoy it for three days before it ended it's pretty, flowery life in the hail. I'll have to replace it, but I'll give it a couple of more days to see if the temperatures will stabilize again.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Found a new hobby in these Corona-times

A short month before COVID19/ Corona struck Norway and everything changed, I went to a class at to learn how to spin yarn using spindle. Afterwards I let the spindle and wool lay down, thinking that when I had more time I'd work more on the technique. Well, cue Corona and working from home.

I quickly found out that I needed something to keep my hands busy when attending (listening, not speaking) TEAMS-meetings, and I suddenly remembered the spindle and wool. And that was it!

Now, 8 weeks later, I've spun all of my wool - both from the class and the one I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show in London in 2018. And my mom asked if I wanted to spin her wool to, to get some more practice. And, well, I said yes. (What else could I say?)

So this Saturday, mom's last wool was spun. This is a picture of the last of it, right before it was made into a two-stranded yarn.

The tools I use, a drop spindle in wood, and a "hespemaker" also in wood.

Don't tell my mom, but her finished yarn is hanging behind me - relaxing after a warm bath and some TLC. I can't wait to give it back to her and see what she thinks of it..