Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just a quick update..

As the title says - just a quick update.

Managed to finish the angel from Jordbærstedet today - and have just sent in my picture for the competition. I won the last time, so I don't expect to win again (ever) but it's fun to participate anyway. You never know.. ;)

And.. I cut my hair today. In the end, it turned out quite short - very strange for me, having had long hair for quite some years now, but so far I'm pleased.

As typical as always, Blogger doesn't want to upload any of my pictures - again.. So I guess you'll have to wait. Typical..

Friday tomorrow - and weekend again. :) It'll be nice to have a couple of days relaxing and unwinding.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Easily influenced?

Sometimes I think I am..

Yesterday I spent some time online on Amazon looking at books, and ended up ordering The Winding Ways Quilt (from the Elm Creek Quilts series - this one isn't published yet, but I pre-ordered it), Yakuza Moon (I've been wanting to read this one since I read an article about the book last summer) and Daughters of Lancaster County (just because it seemed like a nice story - plus three books in one? nice..).

Then.. today I made a "mistake" stopping by AfrikanKellie and reading her latest blog entry, and I ended up going to The Book Depository ordering Simple Gifts to Stitch - because I just loved! the scarf Kellie made - and the last two books in a trilogy I'm currently reading (got the first one in my Christmas calendar - Twilight - and have now ordered New Moon and Eclipse).


That'll keep me busy for a while. ;)

Monday, January 14, 2008


Well, as I said in the previous post, here are some of the pictures from the last few weeks. For those of you who are looking for pictures of all the projects I mentioned, you won't find them all, as I have not taken pictures of all of them - yet. :) But they will come.

This is my BF, giving you a demonstration of what we've been doing mostly all last weekend - playing Guitar Hero III on our Nintendo Wii. Very very fun and entertaining. :D

Some pictures from New Years Eve - this is a "starshot" - a kind of handheld fireworks which only gives a rather large sparkle then a boom. :) I think this picture ended up kinda cool.

I'm trying to improve my skill of taking firework-pictures, and although I got one or two really good ones in 2006, 2007 proved to be more skillful.

Again fireworks. :)

I've managed to put my "Love is.." up on the wall - very very pleased, I must add. :)

And so has my MIL - BF's mother. Very different from my "Love is..", but also very pretty.

I took some pictures of Christmas decorations while in Trysil - this is an angel sitting on top of the heater at my parents' house. I think it's very beautiful - and regret that I didn't buy some when I found them in a store in LA last summer.. oh well, maybe next time.

Just for fun, we placed the ratties on these large santas to see of we might be able to snap our own Christmas cards for next year..

But Gizmo was more interested in the presents - this present is actually for the ratties! Clever girl. :D

The weekend before last winter arrived in Oslo - and stayed almost for an entire week, before raining away. Sorry about the bad picture, but lazy me didn't quite feel like going outside to take the picture at 3 in the morning.. so I just took it through the kitchen window instead.

And lastly, a picture of me goofing in the hallway, trying to take a picture of myself without looking.. weird.. *haha*

Tempus fugit..

Well, as the headline says, time flies.. and so it surely has done for me. I see that my last post was published December 22. - which is about three insane weeks ago - and I've been telling myself every day for the past week "sit down and write something on your blog". Unfortunetly, I'm easily distracted in periods, and I've more or less forgotten about it (not even feeling bad about it).

So.. a quick update here, and then - hopefully - another entry tonight, with some pictures. :) (I took about a ton of pictures during the vacation, and some after we came home.)

Christmas was spent with my side of the family - my sister drove us (BF and me) up to Trysil on the day before Christmas Eve (lille julaften, as we call it). We spent the day of Christmas Eve as normally - watching the same shows on TV as all other years, it's tradition. ;) And later that night, after my parents stopped by the graveyard and left candles on the graves of some of my ancestors (great-grandparents and grand-uncle, plus another one) we had a good dinner of traditional Norwegian Christmas food. After dinner, and deserts, and after my mom and I finished the dishes (it's also tradition, for us anyway) we opened our presents. Another tradition in Norway - opening the Christmas presents on Christmas Eve rather then Christmas Day. Two days after Christmas my sister, BF and I drove back to Oslo, and we had a couple of nice, relaxing days before going down to BF's family for the New Year weekend. His brothers and a couple of friends had arranged a LAN (computor-thing) all week, and we spent some time with them, playing video- and computorgames (we managed to get hooked on Guitar Hero III, and had to get that when we came back to Oslo again). On New Year's Eve BF's mother made a more traditional American dinner, with turky, stuffing and such (very very tasty!), we watched a couple of movies, and then went out to see the fireworks. I have some pretty good pictures from this year (better then the ones from last year), and I'll post some in the next post. The day after it was back to Oslo - and preparations for going back to work again the next day.


On the more crafty-side of the last few weeks, I've managed to finish "The Night Before Christmas"-pattern from Cinderberry Stitches (need the sleeve to hang them up, though, but since I didn't have room for them on the walls, I didn't really stress with that), I'm almost done with another of the stitchings from the same designer (I looooove her designs...) missing just a few hearts and such before finding suitable fabrics for border and binding, I have finished the stitchings on a Christmas tree-pattern I got at the first meeting with Lørenskog Quilteklubb (where Siw from Quiltegaarden attended with her shop), need borders and binding though.. The fourth package from Jordbærstedet has arrived -and I'm well on my way to finish it. :) Put the borders on yesterday, and decided to move away from all the plans I had made for it, and just settle for a simple yet suitable border - and rather do some more work on the quilting.

And.. after the meeting last Wednesday, where a group from Lørenskog Quilteklubb gathered to do some sewing, Anne Ida (Quiltoholic) and I decided to make bags for our cups/mugs, and have these done by the next meeting. Now, Anne Ida apparently had some time off and inspiration this weekend, 'cos I see that she's already finished her bag! Talk about being fast. ;) So last night I prepared a small stitchery and managed to stitch it - just need the borders and batting, and hopefully it'll be done by next Wednesday. :)

But, the pictures will have to wait until tonight, when I get home from work. :)