Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like..

Something might get finished around here soon! *yay*

Lately I've been a very good girl, and dug out some tweeting little friends of mine. I figured that if I took babysteps, I might actually finish them some day. So, as you can see in the picture below, we're taking it one small step at a time.

In other news, the stitching on the main present for my SSCS-"victim" is completed - now I just need some time by the sewing machine, and I might actually finish that one too. (Not that it's been lying around for a long time, but it's good to get as much as possible finished - atleast before we move.) Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow, and Peder can go for a walk (as in sleeping in his stroller) with his dad for an hour or so?

And now back to stitching..

Oh, just a small Peder-note on the end, he's got two teeth now! ^-^

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Byebye Bloglines..

After reading Donna's latest blogpost, I had to go to my Bloglines and doublecheck (I guess that's the penalty for always having the same page open, and not checking the frontpage of these kinds of sites - you miss things, important things). And, yup, Donna was right - from October 1st 2010, Bloglines is history.

So, what should I do, without the help of such a site, I'd miss out on alot of things on the blogs I follow (or am I lazy for not checking my favorites everyday - by myself, and not with a little help?) and it's darned practical to have someone tell you when someone has made a new entry on their blog.

Well, the first thing I though of, was Google Reader. My BF uses it - and it's pretty easy (as far as my five minutes checking it out and organizing my feeds), so I did what Bloglines said, I copied all the feeds I follow (by exporting them into a file) and took the file over to Google Reads (seeing that I already use Blogspot/Google to blog, they already knew who I was *haha*), imported the file - and, voilá! All my feeds are now in Google Reads! (Which, if I'm not mistaking, is not closing down on October 1st.) *happy-happy me*

It's raining here today (or, atleast it did, some time this morning). I'm tired - couldn't sleep until way past 3AM.. and we have visitors coming later today, and I hope that today turns out in a way more positive way than what it feels like it's going to do right now. I think it started sometime last night, when our landlord gave us about 15 seconds warning before a viewing of our apartment.. Oh the joy.. Hopefully, he'll be able to find someone who'll rent our apartment very soon - so that we can move into our own, beautiful apartment - and if he can do that, I guess I can live with a minor heartattack every now and then.

I've finished the stitchery on Peder's Christmas stocking, going to put on some glass beads and buttons - and wash the darned thing (as it's got some orange stuff on it) - before I finish it. I've been a very good girl and managed to prepare some more stitcheryblocks for Tailfeathers - and right now I'm working on one of the parts for this year's SSCS! :D (So not all things going on here are going on my nerves or being slightly on the negative side. It just seems like it, sometimes..)

I'm looking forward to Christmas, hoping *hoping hoping keeping my fingers crossed* that we'll be able to celebrate in our own apartment, with our own little tree, starting to create our own traditions - and not having to do multiple celebrations (again..). But, time will tell - atleast I know what I (and, I hope, we) wish for.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Not much going on..

Well, atleast not today. The little boss had his 5 months checkup (with shots) yesterday, and have a fever today (started some time last night, so not much quality sleep for anyone). :( So we're spending the day inside, napping, cuddling, trying to get him to drink as much as possible - and not really doing much else. (He's taking another nap now, so I'm trying to do something a little quiet, so that I won't wake him up.. he's the master of short naps, so the trick is to try to get him to sleep as much as possible once he finally falls asleep.)

This picture is a couple of weeks old, but shows mr boss and one of his favorite toys - the one hanging on his crib (he turns it on himself most times, either by accident or on purpose - by hitting the control buttons in yellow, green or red). In the picture I think he thought I was a little slow to come and get him after his nap, so he turned the thing on and lay there watching the stuffed animals and the pictures - and was having a blast when I came to fetch him. :)

This week we've attended our third evening in the pool with mr boss - and he seems to enjoy it. :) Still a little too occupied watching the other babies and their parents in the water, but also enjoying playing (we're preparing to dive in a week or two.. it's a little scary - for the parents - but I think it will be fun).
He's growing like a weed - and will be 5 months old on Friday. Time surely has flown - it doesn't seem like 5 months to me..

Christmas is fast approaching! My little "victim" for this years SSCS is.. a secret! Until Christmas Eve (if she/he's in Northern Europe) or Christmas Day (if he/she is in GB, Australia or the US). (Lucky me, I get to open and reveal who my Santa is on Christmas Eve. ;)

In more crafty news, I'm working on Peder's Christmas stocking. And, being a bit eager when time suddenly is available to me, I've even started working on one of the little secrets for my SSCS partner. ;D