Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Bit of Crafting in the Morning

It's nice to have a few minutes to spare in the morning. Today (and yesterday) I've done a little knitting in the kitchen before getting ready for work.

Red and white knitting, with tiiiiiny needles.
Why in the kitchen, you may ask? Well, we're getting close to finishing the redecoration of our bedroom, so at the moment, our bed has been moved out - due to painting of the walls, etc - and so I don't want to wake DBF up any more than I have to in the morning. And that's why I'm sitting in the kitchen knitting. :-)

Atleast today I sat on a chair. Yesterday I sat on the floor, but last night DBF moved one of the chairs into the kitchen, so that I didn't have to sit on the floor anymore. (Your legs sure fall asleep fast when you're sitting crosslegged on the floor for some time..)

What I'm knitting on? Well, that's a.. ahem, no, really, that's a secret. ;-) You know, it's that time of the year again (Secrect Santa Christmas Swap, and such) so I really cannot tell you just yet.. Only.. well, OK then, I'll tell you one more thing..


It's in red and white! ;-P

Sorry for teasing, but this truly is the time for teasing - and teasers, secrets, planning, conspiracies, cold winds, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, fog, moonlight, candles burning and comfy blankets.

Tonight we're (hopefully) finishing the last of the painting, so I expect there will be little to no crafty time for me tonight - but tomorrow morning I might be able to squeeze in a few stitches (being that knitting or sewing). 

Oh, and if you're wondering why my pictures are a bit strange lately, it's because I've been using my phone instead of my camera lately. It seems to be easier to snap a picture or two when the inspiration comes, instead of remembering to bring or take out the big camera.. Or would you rather that I blogged less frequently - and with better quality pictures?

Sunshine and fog

The view outside work yesterday morning..

It looked so nice, with the fog surrounding the building's skeleton, the sun peering through the support beams.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Two songs from a lovely young lady

Don't you just love her incredible voice?

Adele was only 19 when the first video came - Chasing Pavements - and last year her second album came out, featuring (amongst other wonderful songs) Rolling in the Deep. Definetly two of my favorite songs!

Up at the crack of dawn..

When Plutt awoke around 04:45 this morning, looking for his "motte", I decided to just get up and start my day. The alternative would've been to go back to bed and dozing off for about half an hour until my alarm rang, and I'd get up, drowsy and feeling waaaay too tired to to much except continuing to (more or less) nod off in the bathroom, in the kitchen, manage to get myself into the living room, continuing to doze off until Plutt (I expect) finally wakes up just before 6AM (again..).
Picture borrowed from the Internet.
Instead, I'm sitting in the living room, knitting on a Christmas present, glancing through the window at the complete and utter darkness out there. Nothing like the picture above, no, that would look more like the sunset a couple of days ago. But this morning, there's nothing but darkness out there.

I might go through a couple of extra cups of coffee today.. and perhaps make another attempt at going to bed early (haha..).