Thursday, February 22, 2024

Latest finished projects

There's been much work and not much crafty-time so far i 2024. Which is a bummer. Crafting gives me energy - but seemingly all my time is spent working or following up activities within the family - and when things finally calm down, it's time for bed. This week is the kids' winter vacation from school (week 8 each year in our part of the country). And this year I've managed to get some alone-time (well, me and the cat) and I'm trying to squeeze in as much time crafting as possible. Sewing, in particular. 

I managed to start and finish this zipper pouch from a kit the other evening. It basically took me all evening - from dinnertime to bedtime - but the endresults were kinda cute. This was a kit from a Sew Sampler Box (a subscription from Fat Quarter Shop), and included stabilisers with printed pattern, fabric, zipper and sewing instructions. I learned a little from other people who've made the same pouch (my mom included) and decided to skip the stabilisers on the lining fabric, thus making it a little bit softer, and quite a bit fewer layers of fabric to sew through at the end. 

It was nice to finally finish one of the projects from these boxes - seeing as I have a "few" in storage waiting to be made. (The box comes monthly, and will always contain a pattern or two, some fabric - not always the background required - some notions and new to me items that I can try.) The techniques used in these patters are not always ones that I use often, but it's good to be challenged sometimes, and to learn new things. The fabric and colours too are not always in my usual scheme, but that too is fun. I don't think I'd buy all of these lines of fabric if I was to select them myself. 

I've also been knitting a bit. I've knitted a cowl in handdyed yarn (Garnsurr), which turned out thin and stretchy and nice to wear (I'm almost always cold, and I get headaches if my neck gets too cold). The cowl is called The Traveler Cowl and is designed by Drea Renee Knits. I knitted the women's size and used almost a whole 400 meters/100 grams skein of yarn. 

And lastly (well, actually the first finished project of these three) is my little Going round in circles-project. I bought these four packs of fabric, thread and buttons at the Festival of Quilts last August, and finally finished them into this little table topper piece. 

I'm currently working on two quilt tops, which I'm hoping to finish tonight - I doubt it, though, things have a tendency to turn up and change my plans. I have some birthday presents to wrap too, one more week and Aurora will be nine years old. 

This took all of last night.. but turned out quite cute. 🥰 #sewsampler #sewsamplerbox @fatquartershop