Monday, February 26, 2007

Airway infection?

The past week has been spent - more or less - on the couch. I've been batteling a rough cough, fever, and headaches every time I've tried to do anyting. So no sewing, no computer, no reading for the last week. And I'm getting bored..

My doctor told me to stay at home until I felt better again (or the cough stopped), but she couldn't give me anything to help stop it..

It's really frustrating to sit and stare at my sewing, knowing that I'll battle a sore head if I pick it up, but hopefully the next couple of days will help.

Otherwise, there was some real action around the neighbourhood this weekend. I'm not looking forward to BF's trip to San Fransisco in two weeks.. There were three attacks om women - one of them right outside our building - during an hour's time the night before Sunday (between 02 and 03 in the morning). We didn't hear anything, but it's scary.. I know I won't be wandering off after dark for quite some time.. I wonder what's happening to the world..

Monday, February 19, 2007

Two new stamps

What can I say.. I fell for these, and they were 50% off.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Latest purchase

My mom called the other evening asking if there was a Kremmertorget store around, and if my sister would be able to find it if I gave her instructions. Now, this store is not very difficult to find, but I decided to meet my sister down town and go there with her - especially after my mom told me why she was sending my sister there. For the vintage (?) needleholder (pillow) that both her and I think she once had - I think it's somewhere in my old toys.. and because of the Japanese style boxes they had at the store.

Now, the boxes were pretty, but they were big. The prettier the bigger it seems. So I didn't buy any. But, ofcourse, I had to have one of the pretty but ugly needleholders. :)

Funny, isn't it?

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Desperately seeking inspiration! *eek*

I've not done much these past few days, in the quilting, stitching or creative way, just reading a bit, and now - when I finally have time to start something new - I'm all out of ideas.. I can't think of anything that I'd really really like to do - or make. Crisis!

I spent most of yesterday watching old Dr. Phil episodes on TV, playing WoW, (World of Warcraft) and thinking while my BF was at work. And when he came home, we ate dinner, played som WoW and saw this Indian/Pakistan movie called Fanaa (Destroyed by love). The movie was good - and long.. (the cover read 120 minutes, but it lasted almost three hours!).

BF is off to work again now, and I need - I CRAVE - something to do, but my mind is all blank.. not even making more snowmen tempts me.


Saturday, February 03, 2007


Yup, had to do a little shopping. :) But it was a good day to do it too - with a clear blue sky, sunshine and not too cold. Actually, it's warmer now - and I like it. :)

Anyway, I only needed some more silk thread from Katrine's, but when I came there, I remembered how much light fabric that had disappeared into this little secret I'm making.. so I started to look, and ended up with 4 new ones.

Three of them have small prints on - I don't mind having small prints as long as I don't feel like they dominate - and the last one, the one on the left, is just plain unbleached.

I also dropped by Panduro - since I'd gotten two discount coupons there in January (buy for over 200,- in February and get 50,- off). Unfortunately, I ended up with two of these coupons, and since I can only use one coupon per buy, I have to go back again and buy more. Oh, how sad.. ;p

I bought stamps. Of course. *duh* The little monsters on the right I've been drooling on for a couple of weeks. And the little frogs on the bottom too. The kit on the left was in sale, so I had to have that. And I saw some more things I'd like to buy, so I don't think I'll have any problems using the last coupon. ;)

On Tuesday my mom and the mom of one of Systeryster's friends from work are coming to Oslo. That'll be fun. :) I can't wait! Mom's taking my "Love is.."-blocks back to cut them to proper size (with her fancy-smanchy ruler and cutter) so that I can finally finish it. Yay! Plus, she's borrowing some of my stamps too - and I've shopped a little for her, Tilda-stuff and stuff.
Will be great!