Monday, May 06, 2019

Great amusement and excitement!

The coffee at work has been a long time victim of cruel jokes of how management is trying to poison us all by making us drink dishwater. One of my co-workers actually described is cup of black coffee as "beige" - comparing it to the water that's left after you've washed the tires on your car. Well, there's a new machine in town - hot out of the box!

And it's drinkable! *cheering*

Perhaps this is the end of buying our own coffee or spending ridiculous amounts of cash on barista coffee from around the corner (but, it's hard to say no... I mean, before 10AM you get a croissant or pain au chocolate included with your coffee).

I'm currently enjoying listening to my co-workers trying different settings and reporting about the taste.

Friday, May 03, 2019

I've been a bad blogger..

After I linked my Instagram to my blog, I seem to have developed a very bad case of not blogging.. Not that I don't think about it, I often do think about blogging and about writing things. However... when I come home from work, when the kids are off to bed, when the time comes to do the things I want to do - I end up sewing, knitting or spending some time with Hubby. In other words, not blogging.

Not for any lack of equipment - the Mac is there, the phone is there. The desire to do anything involving a computor screen is not there.. not really. My Mac is clearly spending more time in the cupboard (perhaps I should rename it "Harry Potter") and I always have to pull the charger out too when I need to use it.

Atleast I'm crafting!

It seems so simple, to connect these two channels of communication - Instagram and the blog - and know that what I post on IG will also be posted on the blog. And I often think about adding more text to the posts imported from IG - however, they seem to stay thoughts, and then they are forgotten..

For instance, if you've bothered to still follow this blog, you will most likely have noticed those epp stars I've been posting (epp - English paper piecing), and perhaps you're wondering why I seem to be making one each week? Well, I've joined a sewalong on Instagram, where you are to make one 6-point diamond star each week following a theme decided by the host. At the end of the year I will have a minimum of 52 stars, which can be made into a bigger project. I'm currently considering how to sew these stars togheter - but I have decided that I will finish the project by this time next year (2020) and enter in in the Festival of Quilts exhibition in Birmingham! (We're going to Birmingham this year, my mom and I - and perhaps next year too, we'll see.)

(If you want to check out what I'm doing on Instagram, you can find me by searching for the username @crea_nemo)

I still read blogs these days, but I'm really bad at commenting. Not quite sure why, really.. perhaps because it seems like the biggest blogs are the ones who're still posting regularly, while the smaller, more personal blogs are more drifting off to other platforms..? I used to follow and read and comment so much more on crafting blogs, but now I see that there are more posts posted by the family related blogs that I read - and more rare on the crafting blogs. Where are the crafting bloggers? They can't all have converted over to IG..?

I am entering the #fussycuttingsewalong April giveaway hosted by @naomialicec 💚 These are my 6-point diamond stars for April. 🧡 I can’t wait to see the end result at the end of the year.. 🤔