Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another week..

Yup, another week has passed, and sadly (or, well, yes, maybe) most of my time and energy has been spent on my " I actually get paid for this"-job then on the things I'd like to do (like sewing and playing WoW, watching moves - and cleaning my warderobe - well, I've atleast _started_ on the last one, but it needs some more attention I guess..).

Anyway, I took a trip up to Kathrine's Quiltestue last Saturday, and came out with a couple of patterns (ofcourse..). I didn't know that Bareroots had come with mini-patterns! Cute! :D Two of them had to come with me home.. I'm thinkin Christmas presents.. maybe.. hmm..

And I found a new (I think) appliqué pattern, also by Bareroots, I just had to have. It's been a while since I've been doing any appliqué now, so I'm looking forward to making parts of this pattern. Isn't it cute?

Well, I returned yesterday - was only supposed to buy some silk thread, but these three fabrics just called my name. ;) You know the feeling, I bet. I don't know why, but they just really kinda felt like "me", and even though I'm not _quite_ sure what to use them for right now, I think that answer will come soon enough.

On Friday I got the silk threads for the second stitchery BOM from Jordbærstedet too - the pattern/print and the fabrics arrived on Tuesday, sent by my mother who'd picked them up when she was in Trondheim last weekend. I'm not going to show you the pattern/print just yet, I'm thinking of finishing my idea first - and then showing you the result. :)

I've been working on a small Tilda-stitchery too lately. This one is in need of some borders, but until I find the "perfect" fabric, it'll have to wait. :) But it turned out pretty good.

I've finished (I think - I'm considering the need for more quilting atm, but not quite sure yet) the table runner I bought in the States this summer, with the wool appliqué. It turned out nicely, I think, and I'm sure this is a keeper.

Also, 11 months (almost to the date) after starting, this "little" piece of work is finally done! It's the Bareroots wallhanging "What color is spring?" - a mix of both patchwork and stitchery. I just love it! But I think it's going to be a while until (or if) I make another one.. Lots and lots of work.. Martin (dearest BF) is being kind and holding it up for me (so that I won't have to risk my health and balancing on a chair in order to get a good picture). Now it only needs a good and available wallspace, wherever that might be.. but, this one is also a "keeper". Definitly. The 11 months speak for themselves..

Oh, why are the weeks so long (or the days at work so long and the nights at home so short) and the weekends so short? I feel like I'm never able to do or finish all the things I want to.. :/

Saturday, September 01, 2007


*over-tired and high on popcorn, candy and "Shrek the third"*

But, then again...


My picture is on the Stitchery club's photopages! (The stitchery club arranged by Jordbærstedet - a store in Trondheim, btw.) Anyway, they have started this over-6-months-stitchery-club where you get one printed fabric, 4 FQ's and - if you want - a matching pack of silken threads. And you can make whatever you want from this pack - the pattern is printed, so just follow the dots and lines. They challenge you to take a picture of the result and send it to them, and they will select a winner of.. I haven't really figured that one out yet.. but might find out soon... The deadline for this first one is on September 15th.

I finished my pillow last Tuesday, took a picture on Wednesday, and now it's on their pages (well, the pages are for "members only", but I'll put it in here - coz, I'm kinda proud. I mean.. it's pink.. well, not completely pink, but, hey, I'm really not a pink person.. There is a reason why I need a flashlight to find clothes in my dresser in the morning.. *giggles*

Well, here it is - what do you think? (Never mind the crooked seams here and there - my first attempt of machine quilting a pillowcase..)