Monday, July 13, 2015

The Eternity Granny

I think I started this giant crochet granny squate blanket somewhere around 18 months ago. Using leftover yarn from various projects (all machine washable, and that's about the only thing the different yarn has in common) and crochet needle number 2,5-3-3,5 or something like that. 

I am not done - far from it - but after a looooong break, I've started working on it again, and I'm really enjoying it. I wonder when it will be finished.. And how big it will be..?

Monday, July 06, 2015

A stroll through the Botanical Gardens

Yesterday little miss A was feeling very unhappy - nothing I tried helped - so we got dressed, strapped her in the Angelpack and went for a walk. We ended up in the Botanical Gardens, which is really just a stone's throw away from our apartment. A fell asleep about 50 meters from the Munch Museum, so it was a quiet stroll for me. I ended up using my phone to take some pictures, and have decided to go back another day - with a better camera.

We met this little fellow (lass?) sitting with some friends on some kind of plants close to the entrance (there are several entrances, but this was the one closest to the Munch Museum). 

These yellow flowers were popular with the bumble bee's. Can you see the little one a bit to the left of the center of the picture? He was covered in pollen.

A view of the Palm House (Palmehuset) through a flowerbed full of colours.

A fountain in the Herb Garden (Urtehagen). The ripples of the water reminded me of quilting..

I just missed a small sparrow sitting on the edge of the fountain drinking water.

Lavender in bloom! (In small dozes, I like the smell - but I find it easily overwhelming..)

I took this picture for my mom - do you know what it is? It is something that makes me think of summer vacations in Trondheim, and trips to the market with grandma. (I don't remember if I liked the taste, but I do remember that you used to buy it almost every time we were there - or was that grandma..?)

The Botanical Gardens also had their own "bug hotels" (insekthotell). Here, bugs of all kinds can find a home. I didn't go too close, I'm not a big fan of all kinds of bugs..

Here and there in the gardens are sculptures and things made by willow wood. Like these two little huts. There are benches inside the biggest one, where one can sit and think - or take cover from the rain/sun. 

Just looking at these pictures makes me remember how cool and calm it was, walking under the big trees.

More willow wood sculptures - this time three mushrooms. I think the biggest one was about as big as me, but I didn't go close enough to check this time.

The sky through branches and leaves. It was really warm this day, already passing 20 degrees celsius at 8AM.

Bark. For some reason, I always find the patterns and colours fascinating.

These white flowers smelled divine (although a bit much). But I couldn't find a sign with the name written on it.

More bark.

Part of the Viking Garden. This particular little garden is in the shape of a viking ship, even equipped with an ore. 

Willow wood animals near the Viking Garden - these are goats I think?

This throne was also near the Viking Garden. It looks like it's composed of two dragons, with two ravens sitting on each side. Perhaps the throne of Odin?

The view of the front of the throne.

This makes me feel like I'm walking in the woods, it even smelt like it. 

More sunshine and sky through branches and, this time, needles.

A map of the Botanical Gardens. 

The Owl of Wisdom (Visdommens Ugle) resides outside the cafeteria which is located in Old Tøyen Farm (Gamle Tøyen gård). It used to reside between two of the buildings, but since the ticket office has moved into a new building, it was moved. (The Botanical Gardens is free of charge, you only pay if you want to donate - but you will need tickets to see the animals - stuffed, that is.. and not cuddly, but real taxidermy-ish dead animals - or the minerals, stones and dinosaurs. I'm sorry about the poor quality of text here, my mind has just gone completely into four-month-old-baby-won't-sleep mode..)

In the Great-grandmother's Garden there was an old water pump. I didn't check to see if it worked, but it reminded me of Debbie Mumm-fabric and stitcheries.

Gorgeous colour combinations - purple and orange.

A little house in the Great-grandmother's garden. There were benches inside, and I bet it's a popular place to stop and enjoy the garden.

More gorgeous colours. 

This is one of the office buildings. Wouldn't you just loved working in here? It looks so majestic and mysterious.

Another little friend. This one really had a lot of spots on his (her?) back. I didn't know ladybugs had so many spots, but perhaps there are different families?

Another entrance, the gate is behind me. Just a perfect place to spent a few hours walking on a warm summer day. 

And my company slept through the whole experience. I wonder if she's dreaming of the smells we passed. (Or perhaps she's just passed out from the heat?