Thursday, October 15, 2020

Story of My Day - Block 20

Just stopping by - quickly - to post block 20 of The Story of My Day. 5 more blocks/weeks to go. *iik!*

Yes, the picture is horrid.. suitable for the month of Halloween. *giggle*

Friday, October 09, 2020

Story of my Day - Block 19

6 blocks left!

This one was so quick to stitch - it was like the needle worked like a hot knife in butter. (Ew.. sticky.. but you get what I mean?)

I've started to prepare some additional stitchery projects to work in in between these last 6 blocks - and after all of these 25 are completed. The lights in our living room are not the most optimal to work on these little ones in the afternoons, but some evenings are better than others. 

In more knitting related news, I'm almost done with my A top has no name  designed by Laila at Værbitt. I'm on sleeve island, as one might call it, but seeing as this is a top (more a tshirt) the sleeves are extremely short (only 3 + 3 cm, roughly). Which is also the reason why I'm winning my game of yarn chicken (in more understandable words : I thought I was running out of yarn, but decided to knit on instead of ordering more yarn - just in case - and it does look like I'll have more than enough to finish this top, even after changing the lenght of the body from a more cropped style to somewhere below the waste/over the bum).  

My next knitting project has been planned, more or less, as I'm going rogue and without a pattern for this one. I've bought the yarn, but not wind it up. I'm trying to stich to and finish one project (of this size) at a time, insted of burying me in the fluffness of wooly fibers.. perhaps this should be transferred to sewing projects too. Or perhaps not, seeing as I can already bury myself pretty deep in the piles (and piles) of works in progress (sounds kinder or more optimistic than calling them unfinished projetcs).

I'm currently spinning some fibre my mom has dyed. It's much different than my last spinning project, which was a mix of merino and silk - this is pure wool. It's looking good - and I'm curious to see how it'll knit up in the end. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

This is my house block for week 41 of the #focuscuttingsewalong hosted by @naomialicec 💚 World Mental Health Day, and this little gem of a fabric seemed to be just the right choice. 💚 Take care of you, take care of those around you - and remember, speaking up or reaching out is not a sign of weakness, but strength.

Story of my Day - Block 18

I feel like the weeks are flying by rather surpricingly quickly these times. Not quite sure how I've completed 18 blocks - meaning it's been 18 weeks since my mom and I started this little sewalong.

I'm planning and thinking about the advent calendar for my mom these days - inbetween planning for scouts activities and wondering what will happen to Halloween. Halloween is a big thing for our kids - and our neighborhood is completely flooded with kids and teenagers on Halloween night, going from door to door. But this year will most likely see a different celebration.. There's a meeting at P's school tomorrow, and Halloween is actually one of the topics up for discussion. With all this COVID around us, colouring several cities in Norway red (Oslo is one of them) and us still working from home, avoiding travelling to the office or using public transportation, it would seem a little strange if going from door to door asking for candy would be an apropriate thing to do. 

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Story of my Day - Block 16

Well, not exactly block 16, but here's the missing block - making my total come to 17 of 25 finished blocks.

Not the best picture, but the eggs and soldiers are ready for serving. 

I'm still loving the process of stitching these little blocks, and I'm starting to look forward to sewing them together and finishing this project.

Story of my Day - Block 17

Not quite sure what happened to the publishing of these blocks, as we're now jumping ahead in the numbering - although the blocks are published as they're completed, but who cares. :-P

This is block number 17. Feed the animals. A sweet little block. :-)

Quite remarkable how fast these weeks fly by. Already on block 18, and thus on week 18 of this little sewalong.