Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Home Sewn Sampler Bag - a finished object

In the fall of 2014, Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched came to Norway to teach a class. My mom and I participated, and brought with us our copies of Anni's book The Home Patch - which she so kindly signed for us. This is the reason why I know how long this object has been in production. First thinking of it, then planning for it - and then, finally, starting to sew it.

The Home Sewn Sampler Bag.

It is a bag made of 6 panels - two with stitcheries, two with wool applique and two with epp hexagons (and a few hexies with stitcheries).

I started working on the stitchery panels, I think, maybe the summer of 2018 - or was it 2019? Anyway, they were stitched up pretty fast - and then.. the whole project idled..

Next came the hexie panels. I started out cutting from a small charm pack that I had with fabric designed by Anni Downs, which my mom gave me after one of her quilty trips (was it Birmingham or the Netherlands? I can't remember). This gave me about.. 1/3 of the hexies I needed. The ones with stitcheries were also made around this time. And then the project went back to rest.

This winter I realised that I might have a mini charm pack that might match kinda sort of with the fabric Anni designed - and which I had already made into hexies. Well, I found one from Basic Grey (Persimmon) and thought the colours matched pretty well. Thus the hexie panels were completed.

Thinking it'd be stupid to just let the project idle once more, I braced myself for the wool applique, took out two charm packs of handdyed wool (I don't remember when I bought these.. I should start writing it up or write it on the labels) and went to work..

The applique went by like a breeze, and after a week of Teams meetings and working from home - they were done!

With all the six panels ready, it'd be silly to put it back in the drawer, right? Well, yes.

Pulling out fabric for the lining, ironing on some batting, sewing a few (haha..) seams - following the instructions provided in the book - and suddenly, it's done!

It's larger than I thought, colourful - yet not in a loud way, and I absolutely love it!

I may not be the quickest one to finish projects, but I get there - in the end. :)

Monday, July 06, 2020

The Story of My Day sal - Week 5

Block 5 is complete!

This is originally the first stitchery in the pattern, but seeing as mom and I started with the first stitchery presented in the book - it is the fifth one. Oh well, all the blocks will be completed eventually - it doesn't really matter which order they're completed in - does it?

In other crafty news, I'm still knitting.. getting close to finishing a tshirt, and I've knitted my first ever pair of proper socks in adult size!

M and the kids are off for a week with his parents this week, they've all started their holidays - while I've got one more week of working until I'm off. I'm home alone, in other words, working during the day - crafting and watching movies and podcasts during the evening. I have a couple of projects I'm trying to finish this week, we'll see how much I'll get done. Yesterday I watched two movies while knitting and stitching - first To the Bone, which was absolutely fantastic and sad and hopeful, and afterwards I finally got to see A Star is Born. It was available on Netflix, and I'd been curious, wanting to see it for quite some time. I really liked it! Good music, catchy story - and a little sad..

The Story of my Day sal - Week 4

Block 4 of the Story of my Day mini-sewalong is complete!

It took me two weeks to finish this one, due to work being completely crazy. I got involved in a task at work taking almost all of my waking hours, even a full weekend.. (M took the kids to see his parents, so that I was able to work "in peace".)

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A surprice!

I received a parcel in the mail a while back. And boy, was I surpriced!

It was from the wonderful Naomi, who's behind the sewalong on Instagram called #fussycuttingsewalong

I was honored to meet her in Birmingham last year, at The Festival of Quilt. We'd originally planned to meet up again at this year's festival, but it was cancelled back in April..


She knew my birthday was in April, and she made this wonderful project bag and sent it to me, with the most gorgeous butterfly card and fabric with animal prints!

I've moved one of my newest projects into this bag - my very first pair of knitted socks in adult size. I'm not entirely happy with the way my knitting goes, but as these are my first pair ever (and I'm keepng them) I think they're pretty good for my first attempt. Will post about them at a later time - the first sock is getting close to finished, and then there's the second sock to be knitted.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Week 3 of The Story of My Day sewalong

Week 3 and this lovely little block is finished. Not quite sure when I'll be having lunch with friends again, but until then I'll be having lunch with hubby. He's spending a few days a week in his office or at the storage, but on the days when we're both working from home, we'll try to eat together.

Block 4 (already?!?!?!?) is ready for stitching!

Week 2 of the sewalong

Well, week 2 finished a week ago - and I had uploaded the picture as a draft, but I seemingly forgot or got distracted before I was able to write the text and press publish.

Oh well.. These things happen when you're working from home, trying to do quite a few things at the same time (my home office is at my sewing desk, so you can just imagine the level of distratction that happens on a daily basis *giggle*).

Week 3 is already stitched, and it's post is waiting to be published.

How are you doing these days? Do you have a project you're working on? Have you learned something new?