Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Meet in the middle - tablerunner

I've been subscribing to the Sew Sampler Box since September 2017 - which has given me a *sensored* amout of fabric and patterns and notions, considering the amount of projects I've actually completed from these boxes. I'm usually saving them "for later", working on them "right away" or "completing them" in a year or three. This time, it took me about 1 year from start to finish. 

The pattern calls for two charm packs to be used, which I guess is for a table runner in a US-size - however, we don't have that many tables of that size here, in our house. So I've downsized it to fit our sofa table (and using only one charm pack). 

I also changed the order of the colours, to follow the order of the colours in the norwegian flag (red - white - blue), thinking it would be great for the 17th of May (the norwegian constitution day). 

I found the fabric for the binding in my stash - I can't remember where or when I bought it, but it looks great! And the quilting is just plain, straight lines - keeping up with the "finished"-theme of this year (might be for the whole decade, really..).

I'd love to make another one - I have a charm pack of Halloween fabric somewhere that I think might be a good candidate.