Sunday, December 04, 2016

2nd Sunday of Advent

Today is the 2nd Sunday of Advent, and it is a day for marking. According to mom's Advent Sunday Calendar, anyway. 

What my parcel contained? Well, you'll just have to wait a little while longer. There's a busy day on our schedule..

Or! You can look here :

New mittens! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

1st Sunday of Advent

A time for remembering.. that's what mom's parcel reads this 1st Sunday of Advent. 

And my parcel?

Mine gave off a fascinating rattling noise when the kids shook it. And inside?

Two boxes of my favorite french treats - anis candy! - and a pouch to keep cards and other necessities when travelling. 

I love my parcel! 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Knitting for a cause

On November 1st for the past few years a group of volenteers and Kirkens Bymisjon went around several cities in Norway, hanging up bright orange knitted scarves. It is done to raise attention to the many people who - due to different reasons - aren't looking forward to the Christmas season. Many of the scarves are marked with labels reading Gled en som gruer seg til jul. There are about 10 000 scarves made and left hanging in trees, on benches and poles all over several Norwegian cities.

I brought yarn and knitting needles with me to London, and had a scarf approximately 2,5 - 3 meters long ready when I came back home again. And on November 1st I brought my scarf with me on my way to work, and found a nice place to hang it. 

It was gone by the time I went home that afternoon. I hope that whoever found it, got to feel a little warmer, knowing that someone's thinking about them. 

Sunday, November 06, 2016

What happened to the last four weeks?

It's strange, how time flies. Tempus fugit. It seems like a dream, that weekend in the beginning of October, and yet I know it was real!

My mom and I flew to London on Friday October 7th, and our main goal was this : 

And boy, did we have a wonderful time! Two whole days (Saturday and Sunday) spent in the glorious Alexandra Palace (it truly is a wonder, the design, the statues, the history..) with thousands of other visitors, over 400 shops, a wonderful exhibition, and so much inspiration I think we both went completely into a mental emptiness after that first day..

I remember thinking that first day that all i could see were knitting and yarn shops.. but on Sunday, all I could see were fabric and sewing shops. Strange.. 

After these few weeks, everything seems like a dream. And it was not until I sat down and really looked at all the things I managed to bring home with me that I really felt like it was not a dream - but a trip of dreams!

Just look at all these pieces of fabric! Some are fat quarters, some are strips of panels, and some came from show books. All of them were just right for me - for us, as we did share most of the fabric, one way or another.

And I just had to nerd out a little bit - stumbling over several shops carrying Doctor Who-fabric. *yay!*

Some strips of Liberty-fabric - I actually have a plan for these, believe it or not! It includes some half linen in grey tones..

Of course, I had to bring some yarn home. These skeins will become something just for me (and for the price I paid, there's no chance in the universe I'll let anyone else get their hands on these babies...). I've started knitting of the skein to the far right, enjoying the colours and the glitter, and looking forward to being able to wear the finished project.

Notions.. I'm very weak when it comes to notions.. Understandably from looking at the picture above. Thread, needles, new blades for my rotary cutter, hand coloured felted wool, knitting needles (some new ones to me, and some old favourites), a pair of scissors from Liberty - and in the back, a pack of about 100 squares of fabric from The Victoria and Albert Museum (I'd love to spend a few days there...). I have a plan for those squares - I'm thinking of following my mom's idea and make my own.. well, you'll just have to wait and see.. :-)

While we were in London, The Great Elf-Mother notified us about getting the partner information sent out some time that weekend. Well, we begged and pleaded to get the info early, as we wanted to find something just perfect while we were at the the show - and I think we did! I can't wait to see if my recipient will like the project I'm sending him/her, but you'll all have to wait until Christmas... Only a few weeks left until THE GREAT WEEK OF SHIPPING.

Are you ready? 

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Strawberries in October? Yup.. 

Very strange..

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Oh dear..

Time sure is flying!

I'm sewing up a storm of secrets - and I need to blog about London. It seems like a dream - until I check my bank account.. 

Almost everything falls in the category of secrets - but some things do not. 

I'll be back when the storm of secrets settles to a breeze (shouldn't be long now..). 

Friday, October 07, 2016

Some more finishes

This summer, during our stay in Trysil, my mom and I worked on a kit from Anni Downs called Village Sewing Trio, consisting of a scissor keep, needle book and pincusion. When we went home, I only had a little work left on the pincushion (filling it, and sewing the decorative stitches around the edges). The set came together swift and easily - what took the longest time, I think, was to cut and prepare all the little bits and pieces.

My apologies for the dark picture..
After seeing the tutorial for the Simple Zipper Pouch at the Fat Quarter Shop's blog, I got hooked on making them. I've now completed four of them - two I've shown earlier, and here are the final two. 

Yellow and gray is a nice combination of colours.

The same goes for aqua and lime.

The pattern is so very easy, and it's easy to make little changes to make your own variations. (In these two, I've skipped the top edge above the zipper - I didn't like how it turned out on my first two, all bulky and weird..) I've used mini-charm packs for the front, and a plain or contrasting colour on the back. Lucky for me (? haha) I have about a hundred of these mini-charm packs.. Lots and lots of colours to play with!

The yellow-gray one is currently in my bag, containing my hand sewing project for a trip that's happening this very weekend. (I'm very excited!)