Thursday, October 02, 2008

One down - three to go

October 2nd - and I've completed the first of the four UFO's! Well, actually, it's been more or less finished for over a month now - only missing the sleeve on the back - but seeing Vigdis and mom finish their "Annie's Calendar Quilts" I just had to get the sleeve on my quilt.

Like Vigdis, I have used small buttons in the corners - mine are tiny Tilda mother of pearl-buttons in lime and light pink. I love the black fabric with flowers I've used between each of the blocks, but unfortunetly I have nothing left of it.. Bought it in LA (JoAnne's) the summer of 2007, only a fat quarter, and I think there were about three centimeters (a little more then an inch) left when I was done.

And now for the other three scheduled UFO's. The needle book requires more planning, the one with the deers and the house I have completed the plans, and my Winter Wonderland is more or less on a little break now.. I _so_ wanted to get the borders on, so that I could send it off to get quilted this weekend, but unfortunetly I've been home sick all week - horrible cough, fever and generally feeling poor. The last three days I've spent on the couch - sleeping, reading or thinking of crafts, but with little or no energy to get anything done..

Oh well, hopefully I'll recover soon - the doctor gave me leave this week, and a message saying if I don't feel better by Monday morning to call her. I'm slowly getting my voice back though, and am able to actually say something understandable now - which was more or less impossible a couple of days ago. *grins*

Tonight's big plans include watching this week's episode of "Bones" and getting BF to help me make a couple of cards for my cousin Michael's and my dad's birthdays on Sunday.