Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ooh ooh ooh!!!

Look what I've found in my mail box over the past couple of weeks! :D I am a lucky lucky girl.

First I received "Lilo" in the mail all the way from Lynette in Australia. I won her in a giveaway on Lynette's blog. Isn't she adorable?

She's a quick-unpick, perfect and adorable! Thank you so much, Lynette!

On Saturday (yes, I know, I should've told you guys sooner, but time has just flown by - as always..) I got another parcel in the mail - but this one is currently only half opened. ;) It was my SSCS2010 parcel, from Lisa Pyke - and it took an amazing short time to travel all the way from Australia to Norway.

I've opened the ornaments, and would you just look at the gorgeous pair! An angel and a santa - in simply adorable colours. I can't wait to hang them up closer to Christmas, until then they will rest on my sewing desk, I imagine that they are tired from the long journey.

Thank you again, Lisa! And thank you to Donna, for once again arranging this wonderful swap!

It's December tomorrow - and I've got three more days left at work until I go back on leave (I can't wait!). There's snow outside now, very pretty - although I could do with a little less cold.. right now it's frigging ICECOLD outside (and after I've been outside for a little while, it takes forever to get warm again..). Oh well, better light some candles and snuggle up under a quilt (luckily, we've got tons of those). ;)

Happy last night of November to you all!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Are you ready?

It's November 25th tomorrow, for all of you Secret Santas out there - and I bet you know what that means. ;)

November 25th is the last chance to send your parcel off to whoever it might be you're sending it to. (And, I guess, some time next week you can start hovering over the mailbox - or keeping an extra eye out for the mailman/-woman.)

Come to think of it, it's only one month to Christmas Eve today - which is when we'll be celebrating Christmas and opening our presents. One more month of planning, fixing, wrapping, baking, decorating, etc etc etc.

In my family we've always waited with the decorations until the day before Christmas Eve (December 23rd), and I think I'll stick to that this year too. But, it's the first Sunday of Advent on Sunday (Nov. 28th) and - according to tradition - the star will be hung in the window and four candles placed out on the table (lighting one candle on Sunday).

We went shopping last Saturday, buying more paper for wrapping, tags, strings and stuff to decorate the presents when they're wrapped. I don't know why, but I really like the process of wrapping up the presenst - and, but I'll have to wait for a while to see that, to see all the presents waiting under the tree (I don't think we'll have a big tree this year, seeing that the miniboss is moving around pretty fast already - but we've been talking about getting a tree-like plant, and making miniature ornaments to decorate it. That way it can stand on top of a table, safely out of reach from a curious little monkey).

Anyway, my parcel has been sent - and now it's just the waiting left (waiting for it to arrive safely to asifIwouldtellyourightnowhaha, waiting for the parcel intended for me to arrive here, waiting for Christmas to come - and perhaps a little more snow, that would've been nice..).

I think I'll have a date with the DVD player later this week - it's just not Christmas without Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas, even if you know all the songs and all the lines by heart..

Thursday, November 04, 2010

November Blues

I meant to add a picture here, of the bluish grayish rainy kind of view from my (temp) office (thought about finding a picture using Google) but ended up not using the picture I found b/c it was so big and it was a bit of a hazzle to fix the linking to the source page. So, here's to - yet - another post without any pictures..

There are not many things that I hate, but this is definetly one of them. I'm back at work, working the whole of November and a couple of days in December (5 weeks in total). It doesn't seem like much, 5 weeks aren't much, but I hate it.

It's not being back to work that I hate - I get to see friends and colleagues again - or working (although I have no idea what to do these five weeks, other than try to make some sense of the information - or lack of such - that's been given me), but the fact that I'm spending about 10 hours every day out of the house. I get up at 5:15 in the morning, leave for work around 6AM. I'm not home until around 4PM - and getting to spend about 2 hours of the whole day with Peder. Now that's the part that I hate.

I hate not being able to spend more time with him during the day. And I hate the knowledge that, after Christmas, when we both go back to work - and Peder is going to kindergarden - the three of us will have basically no time together at all - except for the weekends.

When I come home from work, it's almost time for Peder's porridge. And he's basically exhausted, seeing that his bedtime is around 6PM these days. It makes me sad to think about how little time I get to spend with him these days ( I guess I now understand how Martin felt when he was at work these past 6 months), and when things are quiet at work - like they are now, seeing that I'm spending most of my day sitting alone - it's kinda difficult not to think about these things (which, in turn, makes the days feel even longer).

According to the timer on my phone (counting down, anyone?) I have about 6 1/2 hours left until I can go home today - and tomorrow it's Friday, so the weekend is almost here.

In more crafty news, I haven't unpacked the box containing my sewing stuff yet, so I've been knitting a bit (well, I don't have any thing on the needles at the moment, seeing that I cast off on the last project a couple of days ago, and haven't come around to casting on for a new one yet). I need to find a birthday present for a friend whose birthday is next week too, so I guess the box will have to be opened this weekend (sounds like I'm battling Pandora's Box, but it's not that bad, I promise). :)