Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 16th 1975

This is a very special date indeed. And August 16th 2008 will be a special date for my parents' goddaughter, because she's getting married today. On this very special date.

Why it's so special?

Well, on this date, 33 years ago, my parents got married.

Happy 33rd Anniversary, mamma og pappa!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Have you joined?

I have. ;)

We're talking about the Secret Santa Christmas Swap 2008. I joined last year, and I had the most fun ever! planning and sneaking, waiting and, well, feeling a lot like a little kid again - eager to see what my "victim" thought, and (im)patiently waiting for my swap to arrive.

So why don't you hop on over to Chookyblue (or just click on the image above) and sign up too?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Counting down..

Today was an awful day to wake up.. Not because it's a horrible day, lots of stress at work or anything like that - it's more that it's really quiet at work now (everybody's still away, so eventhough things need to be done, none of the engineers are here to do them), it's Friday, I have about a gazillion things in my head I'd like to do, and Oslo Science-Fiction and Fantasy Festival started last night (it's a Thursday - Sunday kind of convention). So needless to say, I'd rather be quite a few places then at work. :p

The last two nights have been brilliant, though, sleepwise. It's been cooler at night, and Tuesday evening there was an enormous thunderstorm over Oslo, lots and lots of lightning, thunder and heavy rain.. It was incredible to listen to whilst in bed trying to sleep - and to see pictures the next day.

Today there's a solar eclipse - and we're all going to go out on the terrace on the fifth floor (where I sit) and watch (I heard that the peak was supposed to be at 11:47 Norwegian time). I think I missed the last one.. so I'm definetly going to see if I can catch this one. Apparently, the next one that they know of, will not be for another 118 years or something like that. I wonder how they predict these things.. *curious*

Not really anything craft-related in this post - I'm just making time pass while waiting for lunch, the eclipse, and going to the OSFF-thing. As I said, things are really quiet around here this week - and probably for most of next week too. Hopefully there will be more to do over the weekend. But for now, it's been a slow and easy start back to work.