Monday, November 04, 2019

Friendship bracelets

P and his classmates are making friendship bracelets in school, and I had to try one too - to see if I still remembered how to make them.

I made a reasonable simple one, with diagonal lines in pinks (for A, of course), but I know I made several other designs when I was younger.

On one of our trips to France (to visit my uncle) I even found a couple of books with different patterns. I think they're still at my mom's house, in my old bedroom. Might have to go search for them the next time we're in Trysil. :-)

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Continuing in the world of tiny things..

Foltvilag, as I mentioned in my previous post, had quite a few kits with them from Hungary to Birmingham.

I've previously tried to make a coin purse with a snap lock before, with a result so horrible I'm never going to show it to anyone... so of course I had to try making another one - only TINY! (As if that was going to make it easier to make... logic, anyone?)

It took me a couple of afternoons, but it came together more smoothly than I had imagined! Foltvilage had a step-by-step photo instruction and a video to help construction it - and those were really helpful! (Obviously, since I managed to complete it.)

It is so tiny, and cute - and can barely carry a few coins in it's belly!

There's a keychain on the side, so it can be quite useful (if I dare to bring it outside of the house.. what if it got lost?!?).

Lovely pattern and a very cute result - I might have to make another one!

Tiny hexie necklace

Remember the miniature hexie flower from my previous post? I managed to sneak in a little craft time the other day.. And suddenly (well, with a bit of fumbling and gule - as instructed in the pattern) the necklace was done!

The tiny french knots were added after sewing all those tiny hexies together.

I wore it to work one day, and received many compliments from my co-workers!

Foltvilag had some amazing kits and great templates for both english paper piecing (epp) and foundation paper piecing (fpp). If this shop is back for FoQ2020, I'm definetly going back for more kits!

My tiniest hexie flower (yet..)

I bought a kit from Foltvilag, a shop from Hungary, at the Festival of Quilts, and had to start working on it almost the second I came home. (Which is not quite true, but it was finished within two weeks of returning home.)

This is, by far, the smallest hexie flower I have ever made!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Things to do in Birmingham

I'm not sure if this counts as being a "very" Norwegian thing to do, but we enjoy walking. And seeing as the hotel we stayed in was "just around the corner" from the NEC (national exhibition center) where the Festival of Quilts took place, we decided to walk insted of waiting for the shuttle bus.

It was a nice, little walk of about 15 minutes, along the railway fence, where - every now and then - a branch of blackberries would poke out.

Some flowers and some berries not quite ripe yet.

But there were plenty of ripe, sweet, sun-warmed blackberries for both of us to enjoy on our walk to NEC/FoQ - and back again.

It's always fun to test new things when travelling, and this year we tested some new (to us) flavours of soda. The ginger pepsi max we'd both tried before (they recently stopped selling it in Norway), and the mango became mom's favourite last year when we were in London. But the strawberries and raspberries? Those were new ones! 

I have to say my favourite was the strawberry one (which would come as no surprice, as I'm not a big fan of raspberries...).

And look who else was outside enjoying the sunshine! A bunny! We saw a bigger one earlier that day, but this seemed to be a little one. Quietly enjoying something in the grass, and didn't mind us at all - as long as we were quiet.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

A breath of fresh air

I woke up the other day to this prediction of the weather :

And I guess it could be considered curing in the church (banne i kirka) but it was so nice to be able to breathe again, not feeling all sticky and yucky all the time - and to sleep at night again...

The summer vacation(s) are over, and it's back to work again. We've managed to spend three weeks here and there this year too - starting with Belguim (Brüssels, Antwerpen), a short stop (one night) in the Netherlands, a day in Germany (Kalkar and Wunderland Kalkar - highly recommended, if you're ever in the area), and a week in Trysil. Too bad they hardly stamp your passport any more..

We've seen and experienced so many things - and there's still so much to see. Good thing there's a summer again next year!

Last weekend (this weekend) was the Festival of Quilts 2019 in Birmingham (august 1.-4.). My mom and I went Saturday and Sunday - and I think the weekend needs it's own post (or two or three). I havea few hundred pictures to go thorugh, and two bags (on the verge of exploding!) full of purchases (I probably don't remember half of what I bought...).

And now it's back to work.. School starts in two weeks, but there's a program for those kids who're under 10 at the school, and the kindergarden is in full action again. Suddenly Fall seems "right around the corner".

Where did the time go?

Wednesday, July 03, 2019


Yesterday afternoon I decided to go on a hike after returning home from work. The nearby branntårnet (fire watch tower) has been rebuilt on nearly the same site as the old used to be (got pulled down some time in the 60's), so I put on my running shoes (note to self : you need new ones..), packed a couple of oatmeal cookies and a bottle of water - and went out the door.

The climb/track up took me about 20 minutes, which is not bad considering it's a steep climb/walk parts of the way. But the view from the top of the tower was great! This first picture is taken towards Oslo, which is where both me and Hubby works.

Here's the tower and the sun. There are several picnic benches and tables set up around the base, making it a nice place to take a break. (I had my cookies and water.)

On the way down I took the "long route" - walking along the Oldtidsveien (ancient road/path) through the woods. It took a little longer than usual walking down, as I kept finding blueberries along the path.

About 1 1/2 deciliter came home with me yesterday. They were a bit small, but the flavour was incredible...!

I'm considering walking a different route another day, towards the nearby stables (Prinsdalstallen) - I know there might be some blueberries there too, because we've picked berries there before. But is it a bit unusual for these to be ripe so soon? I think we only picked berries (except strawberries) later in the summer or early fall..

This morning I brought yoghurt, oatmeal, strawberries and blueberries to work for breakfast. There's a grand chance I'll do the same tomorrow too!