Wednesday, May 10, 2023

May arrived..

And so did my sewing mojo!

It seems I cannot not think about sewing and quilting these days - longing for a few hours or a day to just sew

I have a (mental) list of projects that make my fingers itch - and I hope I'll be able to get startet on or finish a couple of them shortly. 

Spring has sprung, and the world around us is turning more and more green. Met A on her way home from school the other day, and took a picture of these hvitveis (anemone nemorosa). They're a lovely sign of spring around here - A loves to pick them on her way home, unfortunetly they don't last very long after being picked..

For quite some time now I've been a subscriber to a quilty box of goodies from the USA. So far I've more or less stashed away both patterns and fabrics (and used the notions), and not made many of the projects. Some because I didn't immediately love the pattern (or the fabric), others because I loved the fabric too much (to consider cutting it up into tiny pieces). But these things are not meant to be hoarded and saved forever. So! I decided to make a smaller version of a scrappy tablerunner made with foundation paper piecing (which is quite an unknown territory for me, sewing wise). 

These vintage kites came together pretty fast - and then waited patiently for the borders. 

And continuing in the fpp-line, here's my first snail trail-block. (I wanted to save this fabric for epp and focuscutting, but honestly, I should really just use the fabric and enjoy the process - it's more rewarding than putting it away in a drawer.) There are pieces with adorable mermaids in this line, but I've cut and prepped the pieces to make the rest of these blocks. 

For some reason I tidied up in my sewing area and managed to put a pattern + template for a pouch in a very clever place, I have no idea where it can be.. which is no fun. I've been testing my skills on new techniques lately, and I really wanted to make one of these pouches - but the pattern scared me a bit, and for a very long time. But now I feel like I might actually manage it. Funny how one's self confidence suddenly rises when a seemingly difficult task is completed.