Monday, February 26, 2007

Airway infection?

The past week has been spent - more or less - on the couch. I've been batteling a rough cough, fever, and headaches every time I've tried to do anyting. So no sewing, no computer, no reading for the last week. And I'm getting bored..

My doctor told me to stay at home until I felt better again (or the cough stopped), but she couldn't give me anything to help stop it..

It's really frustrating to sit and stare at my sewing, knowing that I'll battle a sore head if I pick it up, but hopefully the next couple of days will help.

Otherwise, there was some real action around the neighbourhood this weekend. I'm not looking forward to BF's trip to San Fransisco in two weeks.. There were three attacks om women - one of them right outside our building - during an hour's time the night before Sunday (between 02 and 03 in the morning). We didn't hear anything, but it's scary.. I know I won't be wandering off after dark for quite some time.. I wonder what's happening to the world..

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Anonymous said...

tror du holder på å repe deg. ellers kan du glede deg til han kommer hjem. kansje det vanker noe stoff... kveldene er det sikkert lurt å til bringe hjemme og sy...