Saturday, February 03, 2007


Yup, had to do a little shopping. :) But it was a good day to do it too - with a clear blue sky, sunshine and not too cold. Actually, it's warmer now - and I like it. :)

Anyway, I only needed some more silk thread from Katrine's, but when I came there, I remembered how much light fabric that had disappeared into this little secret I'm making.. so I started to look, and ended up with 4 new ones.

Three of them have small prints on - I don't mind having small prints as long as I don't feel like they dominate - and the last one, the one on the left, is just plain unbleached.

I also dropped by Panduro - since I'd gotten two discount coupons there in January (buy for over 200,- in February and get 50,- off). Unfortunately, I ended up with two of these coupons, and since I can only use one coupon per buy, I have to go back again and buy more. Oh, how sad.. ;p

I bought stamps. Of course. *duh* The little monsters on the right I've been drooling on for a couple of weeks. And the little frogs on the bottom too. The kit on the left was in sale, so I had to have that. And I saw some more things I'd like to buy, so I don't think I'll have any problems using the last coupon. ;)

On Tuesday my mom and the mom of one of Systeryster's friends from work are coming to Oslo. That'll be fun. :) I can't wait! Mom's taking my "Love is.."-blocks back to cut them to proper size (with her fancy-smanchy ruler and cutter) so that I can finally finish it. Yay! Plus, she's borrowing some of my stamps too - and I've shopped a little for her, Tilda-stuff and stuff.
Will be great!


Mamma said...

Dette var jammen fint.

Anonymous said...

hallo. kjempe flotte varer. laila

Anonymous said...

Hei. så søte stempler. Vigdis

Anonymous said...

Søte stempler, hilsen Vigdis