Monday, August 12, 2019

Things to do in Birmingham

I'm not sure if this counts as being a "very" Norwegian thing to do, but we enjoy walking. And seeing as the hotel we stayed in was "just around the corner" from the NEC (national exhibition center) where the Festival of Quilts took place, we decided to walk insted of waiting for the shuttle bus.

It was a nice, little walk of about 15 minutes, along the railway fence, where - every now and then - a branch of blackberries would poke out.

Some flowers and some berries not quite ripe yet.

But there were plenty of ripe, sweet, sun-warmed blackberries for both of us to enjoy on our walk to NEC/FoQ - and back again.

It's always fun to test new things when travelling, and this year we tested some new (to us) flavours of soda. The ginger pepsi max we'd both tried before (they recently stopped selling it in Norway), and the mango became mom's favourite last year when we were in London. But the strawberries and raspberries? Those were new ones! 

I have to say my favourite was the strawberry one (which would come as no surprice, as I'm not a big fan of raspberries...).

And look who else was outside enjoying the sunshine! A bunny! We saw a bigger one earlier that day, but this seemed to be a little one. Quietly enjoying something in the grass, and didn't mind us at all - as long as we were quiet.

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