Sunday, June 22, 2014


I took some new pictures of the redecoration process on Friday. (The carpenters were back yesterday, but - except from the hallway floor - there's not that bog a change.)

I think I have some smudges on my lense, those round spots are not on the walls.. The base layer has been painted, and the ceiling. 

Was a bit surpriced to find a pair of shorts left behind, and the new doors are still waiting in their packages. 

The hallway is almost ready for painting, and the door will be exchanged for a new one. 

But the corners still needed some more plaster (sparkel, as we say in norwegian). 

Today's Sunday. According to schedule, the electrician will come by on Wednesday, and the carpenters will be done by Saturday. I sure hope they manage to stick by their schedule - it'll be nice to move everything out of their boxes and down from the attic again. 

Happy Sunday!

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Laila said...

Kjekt å se framgang. Spennende å se sluttresultatet ;-))