Monday, June 30, 2014

Almost back to "normal"

The carpenters came Saturday morning (8AM). They had some corrections and finishes to do, and worked through the day. I think they finished around 5:30 PM, atleast that's when they called Hubby to say that they were finished.

Perhaps not that much difference from the last round of pictures, but the floor's done, the walls and roof painted - and the dust removed from the doors, walls and floor.
Livingroom, light and bright!

We've slowly started to move things back now - starting with emptying Peder's room so that he could go back to sleeping there. Couch, table and TV are back in the living room. 

There are spots on my lense..

Funny enough, there seems to be some spots on the lense of my Iphone camera. These spots are not on our walls, they just appear now and then. (I've tried cleaning the lense, but hasn't worked much so far..)

Hallway, with the door to the bathroom
It's nice to be done with the dusty part of redecorating. The reason why we haven't moved everything back the way it was, is that we're thinking of exchanging some of the furniture we had (shelves, etc) for new ones, lighter ones, but that's going to have to wait until all the bills are paid. (So far we're enjoying the space-y-ness of not having an overfilled livingroom - and Peder's really enjoying the ecco.)

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Laila said...

Såååå lyst og flott det ble :-))
Spennende å se hva og hvordan innredningen blir ;-))