Monday, June 16, 2014


Our entire apartment is covered in a thin, fine layer of dust.. I'm already daydreaming (nightmares?) about scrubbing down every room and rearranging them back to normal. Shit happens when carpenters are working in both the hallway and the livingroom. Peder's room is now being used as a livingroom (barely had space for the tv and the couch) and he's sleeping in our room while the work gets done. The plan is for the carpenters to finish by June 28th, but we'll see if they manage. 

While removing the wallpaper in the hallway, we discovered some funky colour combinations. How about three different (hopefully not all at once..) colours on the walls? Part red, part sea green and part yellow? 

The livingroom is a mess. I've got nothing else to say about that. The door's missing - we're changing new doorsnin the livingroom and the bathroom. I wonder how many days we'll be without a proper bathroom door.. Hmmm.. We went by the carpenter store today and selected new doors (and handles). I like the planning of fixing up our home - and the end results, but the middle part? 

I'm feeling very tired lately (have been up to around 1AM tearing down wallpaper for a couple of nights) and my sewing is just not happening. No sewing machine, etc.. I have a baby quilt (crib quilt) I want to start, but with all this damned dust? I think I'll stick to knitting for a couple of more days. 

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Laila said...

It can only get bether ;-)))
See you soon ;-)