Wednesday, July 26, 2017


And learning!

My mom and I have been playing with food colouring, KoolAid and yarn for a couple of days (and a new batch of yarn is soaking in vinegar water as we speak). 

For mom, it was doing more fun stuff - for me it was learning, it being my first time dying yarn. 

The KoolAid is prepared and ready. 

Fixating the colours from food colouring. 

The finished yarn hung on our old play house. 

On the lawn.  

Looking good!

These three are mine. I have a couple of ideas for two of these. 

My second batch is for a jacket/sweater for A. I'm thinking red on white, perhaps with a little blue - we'll see tomorrow when the yarn is done soaking. 

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Laila said...

Alltid gøy å leke :-)