Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A few days alone

Due to Summer, holidays and such I had the rare opportunity to spend a week alone, home alone, while Hubby and the kids visited the in-laws. I can't really say that I did many exciting things, but I did spend some time on the third floor, playing with fabric and my sewing machine.

I started out with a pack of mini charms (a mini charm pack) and some leftovers in shades of grey and black, and decided to try to make a table runner from a picture I saw online a couple of months ago. 

I cut the greys and blacks into strips of 1.5" and basically started from the top of the charm pack, and carried on until I ran out of squares. After sewing the other side of the stripes to the squares, I started to lay out the blocks in some kind of a pattern. 

The first night, I had a flimsy, all the blocks were sewn together, but I thought it looked a little small..

The next day - after work - I went back upstairs and found another grey fabric that I thought went pretty well with the blocks, and I ended up adding strips of 1.5" to the long sides of the blocks, and wider strips to the short ends (about 2.5-3" I think). Finished it off with a black edge - and it fits our living room table pretty good. Very nice with a touch of colour to go with our new grey couch.

Of course I had to try again, this time using another mini charm pack and a 30cm piece I had of a grey fabric. 

The blocks were completed the third evening, but I didn't sew them together right away, but laid them out and left them there to see if it was the right "pattern". 

Evening number 4 and the blocks got sewn together. I've added a border to this one too, and it is now quilted (not shown in the picture) but I haven't found the right edge fabric yet, so it's not completely finished yet..

The pattern was easy, and fun to sew - and I have so many charm packs just waiting for a project that I am thinking of making a couple more of these table runners and keep them 'til Christmas. Which is like 5 months away now.. *iiik*


Chookyblue...... said...

nice runner..........

Laila said...

Så fine :-) Tror jeg må låne ideen :-)