Sunday, December 06, 2015

2nd Sunday of Advent and another parcel.

It's the second Sunday of Advent and we've spent the day on a trip. We drove just over the border to Sweden for some Christmas shopping and some cheap goodies (chicken, bacon, and candy.. a bit too much candy..). 

Before we left home, I opened my parcel from mom. (Yes, this time I was actually allowed to open it myself!)

Time for a bit of work!!?

The picture may be upsidedown, but there's a pattern and templates (and even some background fabric) for an epp heart! Can't wait to get started! A second note gives a tip to use 5" precuts. I think I might have some in my stash.. Hmm.. My fingers are itching!

1 comment:

Laila said...

God jobb.
Og tusen takk for det jeg fikk...bør blogge nå ....
Kos deg med syinga :-)))