Sunday, December 13, 2015

3rd Sunday of Advent

Dear mom,

It's the third Sunday of Advent! Where did the time go? 

Today is St Lucia's day. We'll be celebrating tomorrow in P's kindergarten. Really early in the morning.. but the bears are going to do the procession - and P will be wearing a hat with a star. We have to be in the kindergarten before 07:30. Of course we'll take lots of pictures!

I think we'll be putting up the decorations today. I have a feeling P and I will do the decorations while M and A are out on a walk.. I can't wait to see the look on A's face when she sees the tree! I wonder if she'll leave it be - or make it fall.. It's not quite Christmas yet, but since we're travelling (counting down the days now) it's nice to see our house decorated too, not just putting the decorations up for air before taking them down again.

The third Sunday of Advent brings a strange little present. It's something I never knew existed, but that I know you'll put to good use.



1 comment:

Laila said...

Tusen takk for kjempe flott ...sliken viste jeg ikke at jeg trengte ... gave ��
Den kom i bruk med en gang :-)
Kos dere i morgen tidlig...gleder meg til bilder...
Klemmer :-)