Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bear Hats

Continuing to knit from the book Monster knits for little monsters (as mentioned in a previous post) I wanted to try the pattern called Santa Bear (only, I didn't want to knit a red&white Christmas-y hat, but found the idea of a brown hat with light details more interesting). Thus the Brown Bear Hat was born!

I've knitted two of these, size 6-12 months. I really like the basic pattern, with the tighter field around the face, and the part covering the neck and going down to the shoulders. (Basically, it's the same base pattern as the dragon hat I knitted for Peder, it's just got squishy little ears instead of spikes.)

First hat just off the needles.
I ended up with a warm, dark brown as base color, and chose off-white as the contrast color.

Outside, in natural light.
The first hat has details in off-white around the face, on the ears and the bottom edge of the neck.

Second hat in natural lighting.
On the second hat I ran out of off-white about halfway down the bottom edge, and decided to swap the off-white edge with a brown one (instead of buying a new skein for only a few grams of yarn). 

Aren't they cute?

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