Friday, February 21, 2014

Dragon Hat for Peder

For Christmas my mom gave me a new (for me) knitting book - Monster knits for little monsters, by Nuriya Khegay - and some skeins of yarn in a bright green color.

I quickly fell for one of the patterns in the book, called Dinky Dragon - which also Peder loved - but didn't quite understand the description for how to create the spikes. So, after casting on and frogging about 4 or 5 times, I decided to knit a plain hat, and then figure out another way to make some spikes.  (Typically, after finishing it, I got an epiphany - or whatchamaycallit - and finally understood it, so making another one would be a piece of cake.) 

Anyway, I'm still very pleased with the results - and so is Peder. 

The hat is great, sits nicely around the face, with good cover for the neck going down to the shoulders. Peder likes that he can pull it back, as if he was wearing a hooded jacket, when he's inside a store or on the bus/tram/subway. It's cool - and both the design and color makes it really easy to spot him in a crowd. (Which is damned practical, if I may say so.)

Before the spikes.. 

The pattern calls for 5 or 6 spikes, but I
managed to tweak in 4.

Happy boy in his new hat. 


Hanne said...

Tøff lue til en tøff dragegutt :-)

Laila said...

Flott lue :-)) kjekt å finne att denne dragegutten 👍