Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hedwig and Herbert

Last year - almost exactly to the day - I fell in love. I fell head over heels in love with a pattern from Northern Quilts called Hedwig and Herbert. It's a pattern for mug rugs or small table toppers (also included is a pattern for place mats) featuring the owls Herbert and Hedwig. (I say small table toppers as the mug rugs are slightly bigger than the average size used for mug rugs - at least min ended up that way, but they're still too cute!)

The quartet.
I decided to make two of each - using blues and browns for Herbert, and purple-pink'ish for Hedwig, swapping the colors, so that the wings of one of them came back in the body of the other - and vice-versa.

I love how simple it is to change the design of the eyes - and the eyes really give personality to the owls. That's probably why all four of these owls have different expressions in their eyes.

In our house there are usually always a cup or a glass on the table, and I really like using mug rugs - they leave a little extra space for something else. Sometimes there'll be both a cup and a glass (or a bottle) for a person, sometimes there's a piece of snack that needs to be put down somewhere - and a mug rug is just perfect for that!

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Kjempe søte :-))
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