Friday, February 21, 2014

Knitted Space Invader-hat

A colleague of mine asked if I could knit a Space Invader-hat for her husband a few weeks ago. The question came on a Friday, and Saturday I went shopping for yarn. She wanted it to be knitted in the traditional Marius sweater colours, which are dark blue, white and red. So I picked up a skein of each of these colours in the yarn Free Style produced by Dale of Norway. 

The blue is not really as dark as it is
in this picture.
 The pattern is a Arne & Carlos design, the two guys who came with the book of knitted Christmas balls a couple of years ago.

This shows a more correct shade of blue.

The hat (and yarn) calls for size 4.5 and 5 needles (European sizes) so it's a fast-knitted project. I started on it after buying the yarn on Saturday (well, more like Saturday afternoon) and had it finished by Sunday afternoon.

Both Kerstin and her hubby were very satisified.

I don't get many requests or questions regarding knitting (or sewing) for other people, but so far, I've said yes when I've gotten a request. I know that there are many who won't knit for others or take orders, and I understand that, especially if they get many requests. But I haven't gotten that many yet, so for me it's still fun to knit (and sew) for others.

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