Monday, February 17, 2014

Doing some modifications on the blog

I've been thinking about making some changes - or adding a few pages, to be more precise - to the blog, and started by adding a Swaps and SALs page (located on the top of the page) where I intend to list all of the swaps and SALs (stitch-a-long) that I've joined over the years (mostly for my own memory and stuff, but perhaps others might find it interesting too, I dunno..). But after talking to my mom on the phone earlier this afternoon, I've decided to add another page, listing all the finishes I've made this year (both quilting and knitting/crochet) on a page called 2014 Finishes. My plan is to list the item, and link to the post describing the project. 

Now, after adding the page and starting to list the finishes I have so far in 2014, I realize that I am waaaay behind on my blogging! (And the main reason for that is.. the lack of photo-light..) There's nothing more depressing than trying to show off a finished project than by doing so with ill-lit photos, taken in boring locations. (I'm trying to say that I'm sick and tired of the grayness that's been all-over these past few months.. gray mornings, gray middays, gray afternoons - pitch-black evenings and nights..) Today was the first day I actually saw a sunrise! Blue skies during the day! Had to close the blinds because of the sun shining in (I spent the day at home with a sick little boy, otherwise I would've been in the office, not seeing the bright blueness or getting the sun in my eyes). Apparently, this phenomenon might actually happen again, tomorrow (before the return of mushy snow on Wednesday and Thursday..) so maybe, just maybe I'll manage to get some nicer photos taken tomorrow.. (When I look at the list I've started on the 2014 Finishes page, I seem to have some work to do..)

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